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February 23, 2023

Surahn Sidhu on living a life of purpose

South Australia has always been a place of power for creatives, says the singer, songwriter, producer and almond farmer about his home state.

  • This article was produced in collaboration with the Government of
  • South Australia's New State of Mind.

Given your prolific ties to the Adelaide music scene (as an artist and event organiser), how has living in South Australia informed your purpose and lifestyle?
Musicians have increasingly become figments of the broader cultural imagination. We are living in a time where the creative global landscape is homogenised and the luxury of being an artist is reserved primarily for children of the elite as a genuine pathway for life. South Australia has always been a place of power for creatives though, right back to First Nations people – their stories and their art paving the way for an unspoken feeling we all resonate with living in this paradise by the desert. The land somehow creates a safe place for us to explore our stories. The seasons bring changes on cue, almost perfectly timed to accommodate our emotional journey through our collective life – one which is closely lived together, the sheer size of our inhabitants playing into the advantages of closeness. Half a degree of separation; a semitone towards the great harmonic disposition of living so well in an abundant place like this, our home, South Australia.


South Australia is a New State of Mind – a home for those who want to live and work with a deeper purpose.

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How do you manage an international career from SA?
Thinking globally is a cosmic pursuit. I have been extremely fortunate to be afforded a career that has taken me all over the world and at every stage I have always made it a priority to fly the flag of SA high. Music is some sort of communication sport and developing a close affair with the art of staying in touch with colleagues and friends alike has become one of my favourite pastimes.

Any scheduled gigs or other projects on the horizon?
My new album Soft Rock Summer is out and I am performing in Miami on 1 March then hosting Playhouse on 11 March at Papershell in Willunga, our avant-garde performance series held in our Almond Door.

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