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July 7, 2022

Mind-blowing in the most enjoyable way

Step into a world where artificial intelligence makes art, and we humans pay to experience it.

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  • This article was produced in collaboration with Illuminate Adelaide.

Ouchhh Studio’s Wisdom of AI Light is sure to be the talk of this year’s Illuminate Adelaide.

The festival’s headline show was conceived by Turkish husband and wife team Ferdi Alici and Eylul Duranagac Alici and has been over six years in the making. It includes collaborations with some of the world’s biggest technological innovators, from NASA to Switzerland’s CERN Institute.


Wisdom of AI Light
From Wednesday, 13 July
Illuminate Pavilion
Rundle Road, Adelaide 5000
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Housed in the purpose-built Illuminate Pavilion on Rundle Road, it delivers breathtaking and completely immersive digital sculptures, surrounding its audience with digital art, light and sound.

This is art on a truly grand scale. The eight-metre-high pavilion covers 1000 square metres, and the datasets fed into the AI system are not insignificant: 20 million lines of theories, articles and ideas by the world’s great thinkers, from Einstein to Galileo; 10 years of space exploration data collected via NASA’s Kepler space telescope from 2662 planets, 61 supernovae and 530,506 stars; 15 billion brushstrokes from 20,000 paintings of the Renaissance and Baroque periods, including works by Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael and Sandro Botticelli.

When the data sets are fed into a responsive AI system, the data becomes the ‘paint’ and the algorithm the ‘brush’. It is both awe inspiring and a touch scary when one ponders the possibility of computers as sentient beings, expressing emotions through art.

Illuminate Adelaide co-founders and creative directors Lee Cumberlidge and Rachael Azzopardi have been keen to bring Ouchhh Studios’ work to Adelaide audiences for a while.


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“I had the pleasure of seeing the exhibition in Berlin and Istanbul and it does not disappoint,” Lee says.

“The scope and scale that Ferdi and Eylul play in with their work is completely mind-blowing. So, we both knew early on that to do the exhibition justice, we needed to create a purpose-built space to house it – which led to the design of the Illuminate Pavilion.”

“It’s a 1000 metre square, state-of-the-art venue with eight-metre-high walls in the middle of Rundle Road,” continues Rachael. “Audiences can expect a truly immersive experience.

“Ever since the early planning stages for Illuminate Adelaide, Ouchhh Studios has always been at the forefront of our conversations on who we would love to bring to Adelaide.

“To showcase their work in such a way, with support from the City of Adelaide, will be a truly unique experience for audiences.”

For more information on Ouchhh Studios’ Wisdom of AI Light and to secure a ticket, see the Illuminate Adelaide website.

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