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April 2, 2015

Colonel Light’s vision re-imagined

Cartoonist Ross Bateup looks on optimistically after the State Government announces an entirely new approach to planning in South Australia.

  • Cartoon: Ross Bateup

Last week, Planning Minister John Rau announced that the State Government had accepted all recommendations handed down in the report penned by an expert panel on planning reform.

Some of the recommendations are radical sidesteps that promise a more cohesively organised state that will, significantly, see the reduction of the car’s importance in the city and surrounds. A pedestrian, bike and public-transport friendly future could well be on it’s way, but there are many hurdles before recommendations become policy and legislation – not least of which are public and Parliamentary opinion.

Read the report and the Government’s response at the planning reform website, and join CityMag in looking forward to a future where Colonel Light’s vision is evolved and adapted for a modern city.


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