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January 18, 2024

Lost Woods gig calls for a crowd

Calling all club rats and gig-goers! Lost Woods’ latest Queens Theatre gig doubles as a music video shoot - and they need a pumping crowd.

  • Words: Estee Loke
  • Graphic: Jayde Vandborg

Indie rock band Lost Woods will celebrate their 10th anniversary tonight with the launch of newest single, Houdini, at The Queens Theatre tonight, Friday January 19.


Lost Woods
The Queens Theatre, corner of Playhouse Lane and Gilles Arcade, Adelaide 5000
9pm, Friday, January 19



The gig will be their first in a while, having not released music since 2021, and it’s going to be professionally filmed.

“It’s something we’ve never done before, and we’re really pumped to finally have live footage of us,” says lead vocalist Peter White.

Footage from the show will be used in future productions like music videos and promo content, and is a chance for Adelaide gig-goers to be immortalised within the band’s archive.

Workers by day and musicians by night, Lost Woods is a five-piece comprising White, bassist Lucas Sly, drummer and vocalist Miles Sly, and guitarists and pedal effects by Tom and Sam Baird.

Peter and Tom met at a house party and had the age-old conversation; “We should totally make a band”.

The rest is history.

With influences like American musician Petey and Radiohead, Lost Woods explores bringing more of a “grungy and crunchy” style into their recent music.

Lost Woods’s latest release, ‘Houdini’, is about being unhappy in a relationship.

“It’s about being a people pleaser and not feeling comfortable addressing your issues,” Peter says.

“A song of frustration and being stuck, Houdini is about wanting to escape.”

Like Houdini, most of Lost Woods’s music tells a story about being introspective and taking the time to reflect and listen to yourself.

“Knowing how you’re feeling about something is the biggest message in a lot of my writing.”

Peter believes any story will resonate more deeply with listeners when it comes from a lived experience.

“I try my best to really feel a moment that I have experienced and think about what I was going through at the time,” he says.

“The lyrics surround the feel of the song, and that originates instrumentally.”

Early in their songwriting careers, Tom and Sam would start with a guitar riff or some chords and name the song based on nothing. The lyrics that Peter came up with would be based on whatever name the track was given.

While Tom and Sam still come up with a lot of the song ideas, over time the other band members have gotten more involved in the initial writing process and music production.

With more singles and an EP coming later in the year, Lost Woods is also working on rerecording some of their earlier work to enhance and elevate the production quality.

Peter says his advice to aspiring musicians is to “just keep writing”.

“Even if something doesn’t work, keep churning out songs. It can be a little demoralising at times, but the more you do it, the better you get at it,” he says.

“Go out and see the bands. Get inspired by people and get to know the Adelaide scene. It’s a friendly scene and the more people you know, the more people to come see you.”

Lost Woods plays tonight at the The Queens Theatre. Tickets are available online for $10 each with a $1.50 transaction fee, or are $15 at the door.

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