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August 10, 2023

Local artists celebrate the Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Art Collective is partnering with the Botanic Gardens for a SALA exhibition this month to celebrate the state’s "Botanic Beauty".

Botanic Art Collective
  • A watercolour by exhibiting artist Lorraine Brown.
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  • Words: Grace Atta

Leanne Hamilton-Kinnear, a member of the Botanic Art Collective, says visitors can expect everything from paintings and prints to handbags and jewellery at the free event, which will take place from August 18-20 in the Garden’s Noel Lothian Hall.

“If you love the garden and being in the outdoors, you’ll be immersed in a broad mix of wonderful creative artworks reminding you of the garden, things to put in the garden and reflecting on the garden,” she says.

Leanne’s copper sculptures, which embody her particular passion for ‘garden-based’ creatures and plants, will be featured along with more than 20 other South Australian artists.

“I work a lot with gum leaves, creatures you’d find in the garden like dragonflies and butterflies, and I’ve also got a whole range of flowers. So, there’s larger pieces and also a whole range of smaller pieces,” she says.

Other artists will show paintings and prints, mosaics, eco-dyed garments, jewellery, handbags, ceramics and wood art – with collectors able to purchase anything that takes their fancy.

Leanne’s pieces range between $7.50 to $1000, with a majority sitting under $100. She says that the accessibility of art is important to her and the Botanic Art Collective.

“I like to think of art as something that isn’t just something in a gallery space, only for people who can afford something, but it’s something everyone can see, even if only for the experience or to be inspired by,” she says.

“Lots of the artists would do prints of their original work as well, which makes it a bit more affordable.”

Notably, 10 per cent of every sale at the event will be donated towards the South Australian Seed Conservation Centre, located in the Botanic Gardens.

Director of the Botanic Gardens and State Herbarium, Michael Harvey, says this donation will help the scientific centre protect South Australia’s native plants from extinction.

“We’ve currently collected about 85 per cent of the state’s threatened plant species and we’re working towards the goal of having 95 per cent in our seed bank by 2025,” he says.

“Funds generated by initiatives such as the Botanic Beauty art sale will go towards achieving this important biodiversity goal.”

Register here to reserve a spot at the event.

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