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March 30, 2023

Improve your life

The best way to improve your life is to shop local. Adelaide makes a lot of cool things – pretty objects, intelligent media and well-cut clothing – and these are a few of our favourites.

  • Words: Sabrina Scuteri and Johnny
  • von Einem
  • Pictures: Supplied

Camille Top by House of Campbell

You’ve got an event coming up which involves a lot of mingling in an outdoor setting, drinks, canapés and a lot of speaking to people you don’t know. If this is not your idea of a good time, but you want something about the event to feel fun and interesting, this is the excuse you were looking for to purchase House of Campbell’s Camille Top. Its distinctive design features delicate tulle ruffles, a loose fit and a back neck tie, and the garment is made right here in Adelaide. We’re partial to the lilac option, but the top is also available in ebony, if you happen to be one for understated tones.

Find the Camille Top at House of Campbell’s website.


Pleated Ring by Lilly Buttrose

From local jewellery maker Lilly Buttrose, the Pleated Ring adds an element of texture to your ring collection. First carved out of wax and then cast in sterling silver, each handmade piece will differ slightly in appearance, including variations in size and material. The pictured Pleated Ring is approximately 10mm wide, but there is also a half-width version available, if you prefer a finer look. You can also get the rings in silver or plated gold.

All variations of the Pleated Ring are available at the Lilly Buttrose website.


Kim Chair by Beilby’s 

Single-seaters, while convenient and comfortable enough for a time (while sitting for a short conversation in your friend’s living room, say), rarely provide the kind of lounging comfort necessary for days spent whiling away the hours in front of the TV or with a book. The Kim Chair, with its chunky cushions and low-rise armrests, will allow you to add an extra seating option to your home that doesn’t take up a lot of space but will accommodate your lazing lifestyle. The model on the website is a dusty pink, but Beilby’s says the chair is customisable and available in a range of textures and fabrics – including leather.

The Kim Chair is available at the Beilby’s website.


Hemp Linen Zero Waste Hand Towels by Good Studios

Who doesn’t enjoy a quality hand towel. Hold on – is that a hand towel? Perhaps a tea towel? Or a baby wrap? Or maybe a cloth to drape over a decadent cheesecake you’re transporting to a birthday party? Whatever the purpose, these Good Studios towels are manufactured locally from offcuts of 100 per cent hemp linen. Utilising zero-waste practices, each towel is a unique size, typically 45cm by 85cm, with a small hook created from deadstock cotton webbing stitched into one of the corners. There are roughly 14 distinct colours, so there’ll surely be something to match your at-home aesthetic.

The Zero Waste towels are available from the Good Studios website.


Flower Camp Collar Short Sleeve by Nowa

Nowa’s floral short sleeve shirt brings flower power to the fore, in what is expected to be a popular music festival trend (now that music festivals are back). The photorealistic floral digital print is a modern take than the busier patterned styles, but the camp collar cut gives the piece a ’70s feel. If you’re a particularly passionate admirer of the shirt, there’s a matching pair of relaxed-leg pants available, too.

The unisex shirt is available at the Nowa the Label website.


Caracolito Bustier by Wolfgang

One of our favourite trends from the last 12 months is the return of the bustier top. They go with everything and can be dressed up or down. They’re ideal for wearing under coats, over shirts, or pairing with a matching skirt, for a print-on-print look. Be distinctive in the incredibly adaptable Caracolito Bustier from Wolfgang. It is a fitted bodice with an exclusive print and sassy contrast shell binding detail on the bust cups. The halter straps are adjustable and detachable. This bustier comes in two colourways: green and yellow or orange, hot pink and white.

The Caracolito Bustier is available at The Wolf Gang’s website.


Pipette Magazine

Do you like to drink wine after a long day at the office? Have you considered reading about wine as you’re drinking it? If so, Pipette, a magazine about natural wine, is for you. With an edgy, modern viewpoint, the magazine to emphasises small-scale natural wine producers and the communities in which they exist. Discover your next favourite wine, and the story behind it.

Pipette is available to order online.


Leopard by Alice Dolling

Do you live alone in a small apartment? Are you unsure whether your landlord would allow you to have a pet, but crave the company of a small, quiet, amenable animal? Consider this Leopard, created by Alice Dolling. It’s cute, measures less than a foot tall, and wears a loving look in its eye if seen from the correct angle. Even better, it’s made of ceramic and not alive, therefore you bear no responsibility for its health and wellbeing – though you can imbue it with as much imagined life and personality as you please.

Alice Dolling’s Leopard is available at Ensemble Studios, 176 Piccadilly Road, Piccadilly (but once they’re gone, they’re gone).


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