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June 13, 2014

How to… World Gin Day with Mark Reginato

World Gin Day comes just once a year, but most people still don’t make the most of it. In the first of a series of “how to” articles, CityMag recruits gin expert Mark Reginato to give us some pointers on how to fully enjoy the conspicuous occasion this Saturday, June 14.

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  • Words: Farrin Foster
  • Images: Daniel Marks

Mark Reginato is one of South Australia’s premiere gin men. The owner of Connect Vines – a boutique wine and spirits distributor – he is known for introducing our state’s small bar owners to the next best thing in gin well before the rest of the world gets their hands on it.

He has one main piece of advice for those seeking to truly achieve a perfect World Gin Day this Saturday, June 14.

“You can drink gin all day,” he says.

Here are his tips for the best use of gin, through morning, noon and night –

Breakfast – The Red Snapper

“A Red snapper is a great start to the day, especially if you had a few gins the night before,” says Mark.

“It’s also known as the Gin Bloody Mary and it has the same basic ingredients, but obviously gin instead of vodka. You can work with a savoury gin and still use your celery and lemon in the drink – or you can enhance it even further by messing around with something like fresh chilli.

“I had a beautiful Red Snapper at Chianti last World Gin Day, it had a lot of pepper, spice and roasted capsicum. That was really excellent.”

Noon – Three Martini lunch

“A three martini lunch always makes for a good afternoon.

“Now – you can do three martinis in one venue, or you can move around and have them at various spots as a liquid lunch. I personally prefer my martini dirty, I like a robust style.”

Night – Negroni time

“Evening is time for a Negroni – that’s how you finish off the night.

“You can have many variances of Negroni – you can do it with a light, aromatic style gin but it also depends what vermouth you put it with as well. The gin and the vermouth should marry to make it a lighter style if that’s what you want to do.

“You can also tweak it using gin and China, which is an Italian liqueur – that makes it a bit darker and denser and there’s more to be discovered with that one.”

Of course, for the traditionalists out there, a gin and tonic is still an excellent option for the day. These, of course, are open to wide variation and experimentation – and the flavour varies wildly with your choice of gin, of tonic and garnish.


World Gin Day is being celebrated in 47 venues across greater Adelaide this Saturday, so go along to your favourite bar and see how you can participate.

Mark says the best way to get the best from the classic is to trust your bartender.

“Try something new, try something different. Tell your bar staff what flavours you like and they will help find something for you – whether you’re into classic tastes, new world styles or something really out there.”

Happy drinking!

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