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July 17, 2014

Hidden artwork: Udaberri by Vans and Beastman

Security footage from wine and pintxos bar Udaberri reveals two of Australia's most exciting contemporary artists at work. Watch as the collaboration between Vans the Omega and Beastman comes together in Adelaide.

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  • Art: Beastman
  • Art: Joel van Moore
  • Edit: Ben McPherson

A little over 12 months ago, Udaberri (pintxos y vino) on Leigh Street opened their back doors to a brand new outdoor area. Originally adorned with the artwork of Joel van Moore (Vans the Omega) –  this year Udaberri quietly celebrated the anniversary of their container bar by flying out Sydney-based artist, Brad Eastman (Beastman) to work with Vans on creating a wholly new artwork.

Udaberri’s security footage captures the entire process and, for your viewing convenience, we’ve sped it up so you can see the whole thing. What unfolds (quickly) is an amazing artistic discourse between one wall, two friends and 70 (or so) cans of paint.

Look out for cameos by Kab 101 and Seb Humphreys at 2:48. Gary Seaman also drops by at 4:15. CityMag suggests you too should make a time to check out this hidden artwork (and bar) in the WestEnd and go follow Beastman and Vans on Instagram now!

Udaberri’s container bar:

The site’s design was led by Claire Kneebone (Press, Udaberri, Proof, Maybe Mae) but brought to fruition by Udaberri proprietors Rob Dinnen and Rowan Edwards. They had to cut the shipping container in half to lever it around the corner and into position beneath the steel fire escape. The fire escape itself was partly dismantled and altered to fit the container bar beneath it. A massive steel girder had to be installed just to hold up the staircase.  Salvaged bunker lights give the space a nautical touch, while reclaimed pavers make the whole thing feel as though it’s always been there.

In all honesty we experience the outdoor section of Udaberri as a different venue; in a good way. Accessed via a non-descript fire escape at the rear of the premise Udaberri’s container bar is completely removed from the brooding shadows and rough worn timber inside, linked only by the Bose speaker that transmits the excellent taste of their DJ’s.

It all adds up to a pretty unique experience. And all that work does make the drinks just that little bit tastier too.




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