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February 26, 2020

Style Sample: “What are you doing tonight?”

In the thick of festival season, CityMag scoured the East End for anyone dressing to make the most of the atmosphere. Loud shoes and jewellery were trending.

  • Words and pictures: Jess Bassano and Angela Skujins

It’s the best time of the year. The Adelaide Fringe is in full swing and the East End is full of people. Well-dressed people.

These people, whether flyering for a burlesque show or grabbing a coffee, are dressed to the nines because they’ve got plans

But what are they wearing to these said engagements?

From our journalistic research, we noticed outfits in the party precinct are punctuated by bright jewellery and statement shoes, but all bound by unpretentiousness.

Most of these individuals shy away from big labels and stick to what they know best: everyday items that can transition into a loud look, if they so please.

As we descended on the East End for this quest, we asked the postcode 5000 dwellers the perennial question of the season: “What are you doing tonight?”


I’m going to see Yummy at the Fringe and probably get something to eat.


Tonight? Nothing. I’m boring. I’m such a nanna.


I’m just doing some shopping for art supplies.


I’ll be in the shop until late. We’ve got extended opening hours for Fringe.



Burlesque Idol Australia! We’re performing for one night only.


This evening? We’ll be having a look around Gluttony, because my friend Pedro hasn’t seen the Fringe before. We’re from Brazil.


We’re going to the Fringe tonight and we’re probably going to get kicked off the Ferris Wheel.


We’re working at the Fringe in virtual reality. The shows are pretty popular so we’re expecting it to be pretty busy and then we’ve got drinks after.


I’m attending a wedding in a hotel in the city called Rydges.


Going to see a show. I can’t remember which one.


I am probably going to have a couple of beers and read my book and then I’m going to go home. I just bought the book then – I don’t even know what it’s called but the guy recommended it and it was $6.



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