I see you seeing me

March 16, 2023
Style Sample

Words and direction: Sharmonie Cockayne

Pictures: Thomas McCammon

When we took to the streets this season, we approached our Style Sample subjects with a compliment (usually well-received, hence the photo evidence), followed by a question:


What is your must-do during festival season here in Adelaide? 


We simply must know how the well-dressed have fun.

In terms of Adelaide’s current sartorial vibe, it’s giving quirky-but-comfy with a touch of ‘I’m entering my villain era’.

Translation: ‘I care quite a lot, but I don’t want you to notice.’

It’s about high-quality materials, tone, and the precise cut and shape of a garment, not the obnoxious Gucci-maximalism of yester-month.




What’s your must-do during Fringe season?
Priya (arts worker & lawyer):
Adelaide Writers Week. And Friday night knock-offs at LOC.






What’s your must-do during Fringe season?
Sofia (influencer, @sofia.jaffrey):
Wherever my parents take me.







What’s your must-do during Fringe season?
Alexandra (physiotherapist):
Francesco’s Osteria at the Garden of Unearthly Delights. The flourless almond chocolate cake is so good. 

Nicola (physiotherapist):
Pimm’s at the Garden, as well as RCC are my favourite places. Also, the Shibui dessert truck at Gluttony (for the mochi donuts).







What’s your must-do during Fringe season?
Harry (student, creative industries; below left):
When The Exeter extends its front area onto the road, that’s where I’ll be.

Below right:
Sophie (student, comms & media):
Experimenting with your style.
Chloe (student, health & medical science):
Just go straight to Mary’s Poppin.







What’s your must-do during Fringe season?
Always a Coopers Pale Ale at WOMAD.
Any rat moshes you get into is a total must.







What’s your must-do during Fringe season?
Aria (student, accounting & finance; below left) and Mio (student, interior architecture):
We just got here – this will be our first Fringe!

Calum (visual merchandising & furniture designer, @ohhellocalum; below right):
Tiger Mountain, naturally. Shout out to Mark Kamleh and co.


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