Round the city, round the clock

September 1, 2017
Sharmonie Cockayne

The city is not always a destination. Sometimes it just sits between one place and the next, and people move through it – destined to fit in somewhere else, but caught for a moment out of context. In the incongruity of these moments, there’s a flash of glory – the triumph of a city that’s useful to those who are fleetingly a part of it.

Photographer: Eric Brumfield
Direction and styling: Sharmonie Cockayne
Hair: Janelle Zara
Makeup: Georgia Edgar
Models: Helga Campbell, Alec Hall, Lola Parkinson, Moses Tong (Rin Models), and Lylah Judd.

 HELGA stopped in at O Bun Chef to grab a snack on her way to her granddaughter’s debut fashion show. She’s wearing COAT and TROUSERS by Bianca Spender, SHOES by Kurt Geiger, GLASSES by Gucci (bought before Alessandro Michele made Gucci trendy again), EARRINGS from an Animal Welfare League thrift shop, and T-SHIRT by Commes des Garçons from Incu.

LYLAH is helping her Dad pick up a few things at Kim Wang on their way to a dinner party on Gilbert Street. She is wearing an entire outfit by Zara, and a big band-aid on her knee because she tripped up on the walk over to Chinatown. She’s okay though, Dad gave her a few gummy bears to cheer her up.

MOSES is an entrepreneur and he’s heading to his mentor’s wedding. He just popped into Kim Wang to say hi to his friend out the back. He’s wearing a SHIRT and SUIT by P. Johnson Tailors, SOCKS by Pass Port from Twenty Fifty Two, SHOES by Ana Terra Handmade, GLASSES by Mykita from The Pinhole Effect, and a WATCH by Casio from ASOS that he bought after he saw Frank Ocean wearing something similar.

ALEC is in Kuo Chi Oriental Supermarket grabbing a few things to take to his wife’s best friend’s housewarming. He’s wearing a JUMPER by Futur from Twenty Fifty Two, PANTS by Levi’s from Twenty Fifty Two, his SHOES are Converse Cons Breakpoint Pro from Twenty Fifty Two, SOCKS by Pass Port from Twenty Fifty Two and TOP might also be from Twenty Fifty Two but he’s unsure, his wife bought it for him a few years ago for Christmas, maybe, he can’t really remember.

LOLA is picking up some Pocky (matcha green tea flavour, of course) from Kuo Chi to snack on at the fashion show she’s heading to in the Adina Tunnels. She’s wearing a DRESS by Self-Portrait from David Jones, SHOES by Tony Bianco, EARRINGS by Cinquante, her BACKPACK is by Sonia Rykiel from Claire Inc. and is a part of her extensive Sonia Rykiel collection.

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