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August 26, 2015

Night shift comes to life

Filmmaker Aaron Schuppan brings our latest fashion editorial to life with this film. Created on location and alongside fashion photographer James Hartley, this short captures the moody tension of our tenth edition's fashion spread.

  • Film: Aaron Schuppan
  • Picture: James Hartley
  • Model: Megan Ford at Pride
  • Model: Ramin Doukouhaki at Finesse

Inspired by the 1970s revival we’re witnessing infiltrate fashion houses world-wide, CityMag’s spring editorial takes stock of Adelaide’s own urban fabric and the tension that exists between truth and intrigue, movement and stasis. Referencing the likes of David Fincher, Dario Argento and Sergio Martino – filmmaker Aaron Schuppan rolled camera alongside James Hartley this edition to produce an homage to the great wave of ‘paronoia’ pictures that so defined 1970s Hollywood.


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