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November 25, 2014

Leading the pack: Kate Anderson

During her time at Finders Keepers, Kate Anderson has propelled the label into global success with her innovative and fashion-forward ideas, which are now being recognised worldwide.

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  • Words: Tam-an Nguyen
  • Pictures: Julian Cebo

Kate Anderson, the creative brainchild behind one of Adelaide’s most sought-after fashion labels, continues to make waves in the fashion world with a string of new triumphs under her belt.

Kate first joined the Finder Keepers label in 2010 as assistant designer, before being appointed as the label’s head designer three years later.  She embodies the values of the label with her effortless style and laidback attitude, so she understands what buyers want and need – and it’ll be no surprise if her next venture causes a bit of a frenzy.

Unfortunately, Finders Keepers will not be offering date nights with Ryan Gosling or a sing-a-long with Beyonce, but they will be releasing an activewear range.

“Getting healthy and fit is something that’s been important to me for quite a while so when I got the okay to design the range, it was pretty exciting,” says Kate. “We’re starting quite small with some leggings, bike shorts, singlets and bras and then we’re working on some outerwear as well.”


A sneak peak of the exclusive FK X FIT collection available soon

You’ll be able to get your hands on an exclusive collection of the Finders Keepers x Fit range this month from online retailers Style Runner, Shopbop, The Iconic and BNKR. The full collection will then be launched in January 2015.

The activewear range is a testiment to Kate’s ambitious mindset as it is the first to be released by any of the five brands – Finders Keepers, Cameo, Keepsake, Jaggar and The Fifth – which sit within parent company Australian Fashion Labels.

This ambition is what also saw Kate announced as the Designer of the year at the 2014 Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Female Awards.

“It’s been pretty amazing and I was quite overwhelmed when it happened. It’s so good for the brand and to grow our identity as we’re getting more recognised not only in Australia, but around the world,” says Kate.


Kate’s work space – where all the magic happens!

For Kate, the award was not only important in bringing recognition to the Finders Keepers label, but also Adelaide’s growing fashion scene.

While Adelaide may be a city known for many things including wine and festivals, fashion has not been readily associated with the city until recent years.

“A lot of people didn’t take us seriously for a while and didn’t think we were a contender in the fashion scene. I think the award happening is quite good especially with Kathryn [Forth – former head designer of Cameo] winning last year, it’s pretty extraordinary for two Adelaide designers to win back to back,” says Kate.


Some garments from Finders Keepers main collection

It’s safe to say Kate has had quite a busy year. Yet even with the Cosmo award, activewear range and new radio segment on Hit107 – it doesn’t look like she’s ready to stop anytime soon.

Talking about what more we can expect from the label next year, Kate says, “I’d really like to work on the activewear line and build on that by working on more performance-based fabrics. We’re also going to start looking at creating a range of sunglasses.”

“We’re starting to become more of a lifestyle brand – pretty much like a one-stop shop for everything a girl needs.”

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