Ground swell

June 1, 2017
Sharmonie Cockayne

Winter’s sea of grey and black is sliced by a glimmer of colour and the sheen of metal, shaped into something brilliant by local hands and minds.

Photography: Neon Theory
Styling and art direction: Sharmonie Cockayne
Styling assistant: Georgina Smerd
Hair: Janelle Zara
Makeup: Millie Herd
Model: Swavis Kwizerimana
Jewellery: JamFactory

↑ TOP by Gorman; JACKET by Witchery; EARRINGS by Vicki Mason from JamFactory

↑ EARRINGS by Naomi Schwartz from JamFactory

↑ EARRINGS by Hannah Carlyle from JamFactory; JUMPER by Gorman

↑ TOP by Gorman; COAT by Cue; EARRINGS by Alison Jackson from JamFactory

↑ EARRINGS by Naomi Bishop from JamFactory

↑ EARRINGS by Zara Collins from JamFactory, NECKLACE by Lauren Simeoni from JamFactory, TURTLENECK by Gorman

↑ EARRINGS by David Neale from JamFactory

↑ NECKLACE by Karina Weber from JamFactory; JACKET by Witchery

↑ EARRINGS by Elise Cakebread from JamFactory; CARDIGAN by Gorman

↑ CIRCLE VASES by Anna Varendorff from JamFactory; EARRINGS by Sylvia Nevistic from JamFactory

↑ CLAM RINGS by Emma Field from JamFactory;  ↓ NECKLACE by Chloe Shay from JamFactory

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