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October 1, 2018

CityMag Style Sample: September

What happens when the collective mood of a city is reflected in their clothes.

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It wasn’t the warmest September, but it was a smiley one.

Breaking into Spring saw people of Adelaide breaking out their more colourful, adventurous and mood-lifting garb. From soft pink denim and windbreaker jackets to orange everything, our collective cheerful disposition was reflected in how we dressed. And it was a beautiful sight.

Coordinated pinks, what a delight.

Not Chanel.

Happy trackies.

Not just a black outfit. The gold is in the shapes.

Do you think this was a coincidence?

Apricot pink; better any other pastel denim we’ve ever seen.


This series has peaked with this image. Would you walk out of the house in a deep blue velour two-piece ensemble? And style it down to look this good? Probably not.

This skirt has all the makings of a beautiful Spring/Summer staple.

Sometimes an entire outfit is in the detail of one garment.

Same same same. But different.

The pants in the middle! The pants in the middle!

Culotte jeans of dreams.

Channel orange – a mood.

The red denim jacket – one of the best garments we saw on the street this month. Note the pockets.

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