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May 31, 2018

CityMag Style Sample: May

The most stylish thing to wear this winter is your baggiest, daggiest jumper.

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  • Story: Sharmonie Cockayne

Being “trendy” has probably reached its peak comfort level this winter. The baggier the jumpers and jeans, the higher the socks, the sneaker-y the sneakers, the cooler the outfit.

And, not only is it cool to show literally no body figure, but this winter we’re also seeing these ridiculously fluffy jumpers and jackets getting around. We own one, and we can confirm that they feel like a hug. Not sure if they were designed to be worn outside of the house, though?

Who cares. This season, comfort is crucial.

Men that belong in New York.

When a good shoe literally and figuratively lifts a look.

Scarf pattern/10.

A bold headscarf styling move that paid off.

The socks and the culottes match her beanie.

Fred is obviously the most stylish dog in Adelaide, and it’s a crime that he hasn’t made this series before now. Also, those RMs are great.

Johnny takes his City Standard pin out for a walk.

Rags on a pole: a curation.


The long bomber jacket: underrated menswear.

Bagginess and bags.

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