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August 1, 2018

CityMag Style Sample: July

Get in loser, we're going shopping.

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  • Photos: Tash McCammon
  • Direction and words: Sharmonie Cockayne

Sorry, you’re not a loser, and we’re not going shopping.

But these people probably were going shopping, because we found them in and around Rundle Mall. Or perhaps they were just looking for a Boost Juice or a good place to get coffee with their friends? It doesn’t matter because we’re here to talk clothes.

This month saw less logos and trendy it-items, and a more considered putting together of materials and accessories. It was more about expressing a vibe than an absurd Instagram-level loyalty to Off White (although, as you scroll, you will still see Virgil’s influence has not yet faded). But we digress. Adelaide looks fetch.

Oatmeals and whites.

You know he’s not from Adelaide because he’s wearing his streetwear with a fur coat.

The epitome of bad-on-purpose and therefore actually very good.

Best dressed couple in Rundle Mall. Plus the embroidery deserves a solid mention.

Danny Zuko vibes but fashion.

Cropped hoodie and oversized bomber jacket combo. She was from LA.

He said this wasn’t even one of his good outfits.

This jacket folds and falls like something Rick Owens.

Rarely does a mustard leather jacket look as good.

A wild C/MEO blazer spotted in its hometown.

KFC and [Australian label] Barney Cools.

Not often do you see a skater in the city with a helmet, let alone one that matches his top.

This oversized jumper is the stuff of dreams.

Almost another one of those Zara dresses.

JAWS. And a flower. An odd pairing, but appreciated nonetheless.

So understated you could easily miss the thoughtfulness of this look. Note the lengths of each garment.

What this man lacks in purposeful style he gains in attitude.

This was the longest, fluffiest coat Adelaide has seen, and it so happened to be paired with this great woven bag.

Second best-dressed couple in Rundle Mall. More eclectic in taste, but the sequins and cap pull it together for a less-than-understated Winter look.

We do appreciate a well-tucked baggy jumper.

He was just suave.

Simple but elegant but cool: a classic white tee tucked into black slacks.

Unexpected: a bucket hat in Chemist Warehouse. Appreciated: a bucket hat in Chemist Warehouse.

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