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January 31, 2018

CityMag Style Sample: January

We take a look at Adelaide's sartorial standouts in the month of January.

  • Story: Sharmonie Cockayne

We saw some things this January. Mostly the beach.

But also, we happened upon a bunch of people wandering around the city who we reckon look pretty amazing. Here are some of the people who inspired us most to get out of our pyjamas and put on something great.

This Gorman dress is scientifically proven to instantly transform the moods of all who come in sight of it.

The poise.

Anyone know where to buy these shoes? Asking for a friend.

The simplicity.

That lady’s pointing finger is right: the hair is crisp.

ATTN: Cube tatts.

The cuffs, guys. Not the Gucci.

Cuffs in motion. But that man in the white and yellow cap is pretty special too.

Mi Goreng chic.

Sneakers on teens: An age old partnership that refuses to die (for good reason).

Crocs > Birkenstock > Rubi Shoes. An ugly-shoes trend evolution.

Probably the most delicious outfit in Adelaide. Let this lady be an inspiration to us all.

The ruffle-slide edit.

And finally, the glamour.

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