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September 3, 2018

CityMag Style Sample: August

Things that make you go hmm.

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  • Pictures: Tash McCammon
  • Words & curation: Sharmonie Cockayne

We noticed a gentleness to the people of Adelaide in the weeks preluding Spring. Reflected in the clothes worn and in the faces of those we took pictures, there was a quiet confidence in outfits that were considered and current, yet did not scream.

Sometimes, it is in the proportions of a pant leg, the addition of a layered turtleneck, or the muted oatmeal colour of a sweater. And, sometimes, it is even in artfully faded pink hair.

The faded pink is art.

Culottes and sneakers – the most comfortable and stylish combo.

This man is everything fashion bois want to be but just don’t know it.

This outfit is made all the better by the confidence with which she rocked the stain.

Just good streetwear.

Another classic example of how activewear now informs casual-wear.

The little guy is popping out of his chocolate bar.


How to: Kathmandu. (also look at their hands.)

Popeye boy visits Adelaide.

Long black coat done well.

The blazer and the glasses and the thick embroidery – very good.

Siblings? They look great. Please note the new Birk style – no more two-strap sandals this summer.

Coffee is also our safe place. For real, the socks and brogues though.

This lady had an infectious energy about her as she walked down Rundle Mall. After we stopped her and took her photo, she told us it was the first day of her new life in Australia.

Winners of the coolest couple in Adelaide this month goes to:

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