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October 24, 2016

Adelaide Fashion Festival: Runway 4 & 5 BTS Gallery

The shows that put Adelaide on the map.

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  • Words: Sharmonie Cockayne
  • Pictures: Jack Fenby

Friday night was a big one, with three runways running in tight succession: Runway 3: New Classics, Runway 4: Couture Culture and Runway 5: Ready To Wear. The standout moments include, but are not limited to:


CityMag’s backstage access was courtesy of Evo – a major partner of the Adelaide Fashion Festival.

  1. Internationally loved super model, Coco Rocha was there. She was wearing local label, C/MEO Collective, and it caused quite the stir amongst festival goers and festival planners alike.
  2. Simmone Standing showed her new collection, Fear Not, and then Coco Rocha personally asked to wear one of Simmone’s designs to A Night Of Fashion at the Art Gallery.
  3. Last year’s Premier Design Award winner, Sophia McMahon, launched her new label, Autark, after undertaking a year of mentorship.
  4. Dannii Minogue was also there.
  5. The Sylvy Earl headpieces worn with Jaimie Sortino’s collection made it all feel very Galliano for Fall 2010 Couture Christian Dior in a good way.

Take a look through our gallery for all of the hidden moments behind the scenes.

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citymag-adelaide-fashion-festival-2016-a3-6 citymag-adelaide-fashion-festival-2016-a3-4 citymag-adelaide-fashion-festival-2016-a3-3 citymag-adelaide-fashion-festival-2016-a3-2 citymag-adelaide-fashion-festival-2016-a3-1


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