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October 25, 2016

That’s a wrap! AFF 2016 concludes with Paolo Sebastian

The festival closed in a magical summer field.

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  • Words: Sharmonie Cockayne
  • Photos: Jack Fenby

The festival came to a close on Sunday night with two sold-out fashion shows by local couturier Paolo Sebastian. The show opened with the Adelaide debut of Gilded Wings, the collection launched in Paris at La Maison Champs Elysees during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. It was followed by the international launch of the 2017 Spring/Summer collection, Wildflowers.


This gallery was brought to you by Evo – a major partner of the Adelaide Fashion Festival.

Our highlights:

  1. The Victoria Square tent was transformed into a summer meadow, with a runway made of real slightly overgrown grass set with pockets of fresh flowers.
  2. Between collections, a documentary following the brand through their Parisian journey played on the large screen. The best bit was when designer, Paul Vasileff, noticed a naked lady on a balcony.
  3. Internationally acclaimed model, Coco Rocha, opened the show.
  4. After the show, the audience stumbled out of the tent in a daze, saying things like “I don’t know how to move on with my life,” and “Where do I go from here?” It was pretty clear: people really really liked the show.

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