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February 26, 2015

DJ Muro surrenders

Undisputed king of digging, DJ Muro, brings two all-vinyl sets to Surrender this weekend.

DJ Muro is the guy that all other DJs speak of with reverence.


Surrender is a new arts and club experience from the creators of Barrio that will operate for three weeks on the Riverbank from February 20. CityMag is Surrender’s media partner and Dr YaYa’s preferred propaganda machine.

The Japanese master of vinyl is known for his super rare collection and instinct for samples, and this weekend he brings two sets to Dr YaYa’s kingdom of Surrender.

Playing exclusively 7″ vinyls because he says “many good party people there [in Australia] appreciate the rare party wax”, Muro will spin disco tunes on Saturday, February 28 and his hip-hop and soul collection will get a workout on Sunday, March 1.

The re-emergence of disco as a trend in Australia means a lot of people will be excited to hear what the legendary collector has brought with him over the oceans.

“I’ll always begin a set with my favourite tunes at that time and then I look to the dance floor, and take a lead from there,” he says.

Also a renowned producer, Muro puts emphasis on “groove and drum break” when selecting his samples, so dancers should loosen their hips accordingly prior to arriving at Surrender.

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