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January 22, 2015

Surrender to Space

Not content to conquer new frontiers of kindness, wisdom and leadership in developing the revolutionary MicroNation Surrender, our beloved leader Dr YaYa will also turn his attention beyond our earthly bounds by launching a space program.

  • Picture: Sven Kovac

On March 7, Dr YaYa will dedicate an entire night of Surrender’s all-too-brief three week existence to the establishment of his Space Ministry.


Surrender is a new arts and club experience from the creators of Barrio that will operate for three weeks on the Riverbank from February 20. CityMag is Surrender’s media partner and Dr YaYa’s preferred propaganda machine, stay with us for regular updates on Surrender or visit the website.

Featuring real, live, actual rocket launches by the Adelaide Advanced Rocketry Club, the chance to learn about building rockets, Cosmonaut suits fashioned from boxes, space food and an interactive film set so real you may have nightmares about the space apes contained within it, the evening will be a glowing tribute to all that exists outside of our own gravity.

A spirited debate about the truth or otherwise of the USA’s manned moon landing in 1969 will encourage Dr YaYa’s disciples to questions humanity’s relationship with space and excite them about the possibilities of what’s to come.

“Reaching space is not new – other, vastly inferior, leaders have done it before me,” said Dr YaYa.

“What’s different about Surrender’s space program is that it is the first grand step in a much larger plan. Exploring the cosmos is the first milestone along a path toward understanding and taming what I truly believe to be the final frontier – time.

“As you proudly watch Surrender’s very first rocket leap joyfully into the sky and out of this world, be secure in your knowledge that time travel is on its way and that I will be the man to bring it within your reach.”

The space-related festivities will begin from 5pm on March 7, so come along to Surrender ready to re-learn all you thought you knew.

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