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August 6, 2015

How to… SALA

Happily, and like many festivals in Adelaide, SALA is ever-growing. The downside is an increasingly difficult decision about what to see, so we've compiled a list of the shows we reckon you shouldn't miss.

  • Main image: Sophia Nuske, soft penCiLs, 2013, stoneware clay, acrylic paint, life-size

You have to start somewhere, so start by narrowing down your geographical reach. We’re sticking in the city, because we’re so used to it here that we’re confused by what happens outside of the terraces.

We’re also keen on things that can be paired with food, coffee, beer or wine so it’s possible that these considerations may have been taken into account while making our selection.

About and Falling / Artist Jessica Clark
At Naomi Murrell, Shop 5 Ebenezer Place, Adelaide until August 31


Photography by Jessica Clark

Photographer Jessica Clark has a strong following and is doing plenty professionally with more weddings and clients than ever seeking out her bright, human and idiosyncratic aesthetic for their own needs. But this show is the first time she has ever exhibited as an artist.

Displaying a range of works from her personal archive, all of which are themed around water, Jess has taken the process of creating an atmosphere and meaning with a body of work seriously. Hung in the Naomi Murrell flagship store on Ebenezer Place, Jess’ show is the perfect place to start a SALA day – something you should probably precede with breakfast (or coffee at the very least) from Hey Jupiter.

Hunt / Artist Max Hunt
At Council of Objects – 16 Ebenezer Place, Adelaide until August 31


Stools, Max Hunt

You might not have noticed, but we at CityMag have a slight obsession with Max Hunt’s furniture. The last few print editions of the magazine have included his pieces – either tucked away in a home we’ve been photographing or featured in a fashion shoot.

Even if you’re not long-time fans like us, his exhibition at the already glorious Council of Objects is certainly worth a visit – particularly to see Max’s Black and Copper Coat Rack. This new piece is really lovely and coat racks should be on everyone’ mind given the heinous weather we’re currently experiencing.

Council of Objects  is conveniently just over the road from Naomi Murrell, so you can see Jess’ show and Max’s in quick and productive succession.

Jason Sims / Artist Jason Sims
At Art Gallery of South Australia Gallery 6, until September 27


Blank II, Jason Sims

If you walk towards North Terrace from Ebenezer Place you will be achieving two things – firstly, you’ll be heading in the right direction to see Jason Sims’ exhibition at the Art Gallery of South Australia. Secondly, you’ll be heading toward lunch at The Exeter, which we would say should probably consist of a steak sandwich and pint of dark beer – but we trust you to make a good choice.

Once you’re full and refreshed, make your way to the Art Gallery to experience Jason’s work. Working with glass, light, mirrors, steel, wood and many other materials, he builds structures that emit light and create illusions that are so all encompassing they leave the viewer questioning what is and isn’t real. The feeling of existing on the edges of reality is one that won’t leave you for hours, and is bound to enhance your further SALA wanderings.

Colour Me / Various artists
At Adelaide Town Hall, until October 1 

Will Nolan, Everything is melting

Will Nolan, Everything is melting

It’s a bit of a walk across the city to the Adelaide Town Hall, but focus on the fact that once you arrive you’ll be entering a world of colour and brightness and the wintry walk won’t feel so strenuous.

Curated by Polly Jean Dance, Colour Me brings together a collection of some of our favourite artists – including Steven Carson, Jemimah Dodd, Liam Fleming, Matt Huppatz (a special favourite), Zoe Kirkwood, Will Nolan, Sophia Nuske and Jane Skeer – to explore the use of colour in art. Using various materials, the group explore colour through unusual forms and expressions.

Attending a group exhibition like this is sort of like a shortcut to SALA – you see so many works for the effort of attending just one gallery. After such a productive cultural day we’d say a nice drink is in order, so it’s lucky you’re near Cork Wine Cafe if you’re inclined to head south, or Udaberri and Clever Little Tailor if you’re more of a northward type.

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