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February 12, 2015

Pirlta’s guide to the Garden of Unearthly Delights

As the Garden of Unearthly Delights throws open its gates tonight, CityMag's mascot - Pirlta - invites you on a tour of the venue's best spots for local food and drink.

  • Illustrations: Matt Stuckey

CityMag’s mascot – Pirlta the possum – was originally inspired by an experience in the Garden of Unearthly Delights some years ago. Standing idly by, we watched with amusement as a quick-witted possum scurried down the trunk of a nearby tree and pinched a chip from an innocent onlooker’s cone.


Pirlta is a cartoon character, which means he has a better stomach for human food than real-life possums. The Garden encourages everyone to keep an eye out for Pirlta’s real-world friends by not offering them food they shouldn’t have and being respectful of their tree bough homes.

This year, the Garden boasts more than a few eateries from which Pirlta the possum would like to dine.

Truck Pressed Juice
Pirlta likes a juice made with carrot to keep his nocturnal eyes fresh in the dark. This new venture from the La Cantino Co. crew serves cold press juice made with local ingredients from organic markets and suppliers and aims to boost local small business and producers were possible.

Veggie Galley
While Pirlta has taken the day off foraging, he’s still a fan of vegetables. The Veggie Galley is a pirate ship with a delectable cargo of vegan and vego burgers, salads and other super snacks. Their steam punk-style pirate ship is built completely from recycled materials.

New to The Garden in 2015, SHARE make tastings platters from SA produce that patrons can take into shows, enjoy whilst watching a band in the bandstand or just devour alongside a bottle of wine. Pirlta approves of SHARE’s totally recyclable/sustainable business model which minimises its impact on the environment.

Bushtucker Icecream
Pirlta likes an icecream in the heat as much as any sensible possum, but his favourite kind of icy treat is one with a native flavour like Lemon Myrtle that helps cleanse his palate after too many chips. He can get just that from Bushtucker Icecream, whose South Australian owned and made product uses ingredients from growers around Australia. Alongside their gourmet ice-cream, they also sell sugar free, dairy free and diabetic friendly ice-cream.pirlta-vertical

CornStar has been in The Garden since the first day, and Pirlta thinks it’s just not festival season without at least one cob of barbecued corn consumed on the way into a show.

Street ADL
Jock Zonfrillo brings Australian street food to The Garden for the first time with his new stall, which will be loud and full of energy. The menu is built around fresh, local, native foraged produce and includes delicious sounding things like smoked pumpkin with Meredith Valley goats curd, spiced macadamia and toasted sandwiches. Pirlta thinks its just like the kind of cooking he would do at home.  

RJJ & Co.
Josh and Jake Baker from Coffee Branch have teamed up with Russ McKenna of Market Street to deliver some sort of coffee perfection. Pirlta has the scoop that this new thing is going to be bigger and better than previous years for all concerned, which is good news for his long nights of culture and carousing.

Adelaide Famous Poffertjes
This is an old Garden favourite, and one Pirlta just can’t go past when he’s after a sweet treat. Poffertjes are a traditional Dutch batter food – a pile of mini pancakes served with cinnamon icing sugar and fresh cream or butter and a wedge of lemon.


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