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September 13, 2023

Nokda Korean Steakhouse sizzling soon at 60KW

A new venue from the Plus 82 Group promises Adelaide a unique Korean steakhouse experience.

  • Words: Clem Stanley
  • Pictures: Claudia Dichiera

Nokda is an upcoming Korean steakhouse located just off James Place in the new 60KW development.

With close proximity to Rundle Mall and King William Street, Nokda co-director Steven Lee says the bustling CBD spot was a perfect fit for their next venture.

“Straight away, we thought the Korean steakhouse will work well here,” Steven says.

“It’s a space that would be able to cater to all occasions – a catch-up with friends, celebrating a birthday or an anniversary, business lunches and dinners, private and corporate functions.”


Nokda Korean Steakhouse
10A 60 King William Street Adelaide 5000

Slated to open November 2023


Nokda continues Steven’s and co-director Hyunwoo Kang’s mission to introduce Adelaide to more Korean dining experiences through the Plus 82 Group of four other restaurants, including their first venue Plus 82 Pocha on Grenfell Street.

“Since 2018 with our first venue, we feel like we have started to fill that void,” Steven says.

“We would like to continue to fill that void with Nokda. This time on a different scale. We want to challenge ourselves by doing something different.”

With the slogan “what happens here, only happens here at Nokda,” Steven says they will offer a unique dining experience.

He feels they have nailed the casual, street-style Korean experience with their other Plus 82 venues, with Nokda to build on this with a more formal, premium service.

The menu will include a wagyu sando and Korean dumplings made in-house, as well as soju and local wines.

While customers can still cook for themselves like at other Korean barbecue venues, Nokda will also have a “cook for you” service available.

“Some people want to cook themselves, but if you’re having a meeting, or you want us to cook it for you, then we can also offer that service,” Steven says.

“Nokda means melting, plus melting in terms of service,” head chef Jack Park says.

“Our wagyu will melt on your mouth and our warm hospitality will melt your heart, we combine good food with good service,” Steven adds.

He says Nokda will highlight local produce from across South Australia as well as South Korea.

“We have some of the best meats and wines here in SA and we would like to take advantage of that by creating meat and wine pairings from different regions,” he says.

“For example, if you love a glass of red from the Adelaide Hills, we will have an Adelaide Hills wagyu to pair with it perfectly.”

He adds that a Korean restaurant would not be complete without soju.

“We have found some really cool soju distilled in South Korea’s countryside which we would like to introduce to Adelaide,” Steven says.

“We know it’s always a good time when soju is involved.”

Nokda Korean Steakhouse is located at 10A 60 King William Street, Adelaide, and will open in November.

A six-course wine dinner on September 18 at Plus 82 GoGi in Goodwood will showcase some of the menu items available at Nokda.

Connect with Nokda Korean Steakhouse on Instagram for more information.

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