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May 21, 2015

In the kitchen at Little Miss Dive Shop

A new deep sea theme saw the latest ‘Little Miss’ venue throw open its doors last week. CityMag spoke to Chef Michael Weldon about Little Miss Dive Shop’s offerings and got a taste of some tropical treats and nautical eats – the perfect fuel for late night dancing.

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  • Words: Tiarne Cook
  • Pictures: Julian Cebo

“It’s all just a bit fun and I think that shows in the venue –  the food is quite fun and the drinks… well, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. And really our job is to give people a good time,” says chef Michael Weldon of the recently-opened Little Miss Dive Shop.


Visit Dive Shop at the corner of Grenfell Street and Frome Street from Wednesday to Saturday, 4pm until late.

After the success of Little Miss Mexico, Little Miss Miami and the Crab Shack (and of course that not-so-small venture called the Royal Croquet Club), the guys behind the concept – Stuart Duckworth and Tom Skipper – have launched what is said to be their final Little Miss venture.

Little Miss Dive Shop takes revellers to new depths – giving them the complete diving experience without the need for that uncomfortable mask or unflattering scuba suit.

Michael, a former MasterChef contestant, came on board in the early years to bring Little Miss Mexico customers some sustenance.

Since then he has been serving up simple dishes to suit every theme as it appears, always crafting menu items that showcase good produce and sit well alongside a beverage.

Each meal on the new Dive Shop menu can be consumed without the hassle of cutlery – it’s a simple, hand held affair.

“I just decided if we’re going to do three things, we would do them really really well,” says Michael.

“So I found the best beef I could, the best burger bun I could, the best local fish I could, the best free range pork I could, and cheese and pickles, and you don’t need much else.

“I hate having too much choice… you don’t want too many options, especially with this kind of place. If people are coming here to have something to eat before they have a couple of cocktails, you want something that’ll fill you up but something that’s easy.”

Mimicking the same nautical theme as the interior, the “food rations” are a play on crowd favourites, with a chef-y touch.

The Dive Shop Cheeseburger, featuring Coorong Angus Beef, seems to pair well with a Seacucumber Fizz – Tanqueray gin, St Germain Orgeat syrup and lime. Or perhaps a Yellow Submarine to share – vodka, Malibu, juniper berry tea and lemonade.

And if you’re feeling like you’ve been cast out into the deep end after a few too many Skippers’ Lattes, complementary peanuts are always on offer, shells and all. And don’t be afraid to drop the remnants over your shoulder, Raffles style.

“I just make food that I want to eat. And the boys, well, they have made a venue that they want to drink in,” says Michael.

It seems, from all accounts, the perfect conditions for a dive into the deep.

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