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August 1, 2023

Handpicked Festival announces lineup for 2023

Music festival Handpicked has returned with a new lineup set to take November by storm.

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  • Words: Claudia Dichiera
  • Pictures: Supplied

After a three-year hiatus, Handpicked Festival is back this spring and boasts an exciting and anticipated lineup across the family-run property in Langhorne Creek.


Handpicked Festival 2023
Saturday, 11 November
Lake Breeze Wines
319 Step Road, Langhorne Creek 5255
Tickets and more info


The one-day festival will host Ball Park Music, Budjerah, Lime Cordiale, The Temper Trap, The Waifs and Ziggy Alberts, who will be joined by South Australian talents Aleksiah and Rob Edwards.

Producer and co-owner of Handpicked Festival Kate Cooper says that Lake Breeze Wines has plenty of space, which makes it easier to ensure everyone has an exclusive and enjoyable experience.

“We definitely keep it boutique which means you’ve got plenty of space to stretch out,” Kate says. “We encourage picnic rugs, dancing on the lawn [and] we’ve got plenty of shade.”

Kate says the festival will have “unique features” like a “Cocktail Forest where they mix cocktails with our wine”.

“So many people go to events because of the lineup — that’s not what we want to do,” Kate says.

“We want people to come regardless, because we want them to enjoy the day in our backyard.

“A huge part of what we do is just coming for the experience.”

Handpickers enjoying the special day

Having been cancelled twice during the pandemic, the 2022 edition was set to be a conglomerate of South Australian goodness, with the headlining Hilltop Hoods set to conclude the day.

However, a devastating spring storm hit and Kate was forced to cancel the festival just two hours after the gates opened.

“Within a matter of, I think it was about, an hour, we got 60ml of rain and thousands of lightning strikes,” Kate says.

“Then to make it worse, we had chosen to cancel, which is a huge thing because obviously when you cancel on the day, it’s full refunds to everybody, but on the other hand every single person needs to get paid.

“We did everything we could to prepare because obviously the weather forecast did say storm, but everyone we spoke to said it would go around us or just hit for a little while. I think the max rain they predicted was 20ml.”

Despite the fear of another storm hitting, Kate and her family are excited to host the festival on Saturday 11 November at their Lake Breeze Wines property at 319 Step Road, Langhorne Creek.

Head to Handpicked Festival’s website for tickets and for more information.

Amy Shark slaying at Handpicked in 2019

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