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October 28, 2015

FELTpublic takes art South West in the city

For those with spare time, abduct your time-poor friends on November 20 and bring them to Whitmore Square because: art party!

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  • Words: Joshua Fanning
  • Pictures: Julian Cebo

“We’ve all agreed that art is dead. We’re just playing with the body.”

You might not get from the above that Olivia Kathigitis‘ art practice deals with themes of mortality. However, Olivia couldn’t be happier about her role in the upcoming exhibition being produced by local artist run initiative, FELTspace.


FELTpublic: Ephemeral Public Art Project
Whitmore Square
November 21st – 29th
Opening night event: Friday 20th November 6pm – 8pm

Anton Hart + Matea Gluscevic
Julie Henderson + Jess Nolan
Sam Howie + Edwina Cooper
Alice Potter + James Geraghty
Julia Robinson + Olivia Kathigitis
Sera Waters + Jessamy Pollock
Laura Wills + Zoe Brooks

The exhibition, FELTpublic is curated by a relatively new list of FELTspace co-directors and it brings together 14 artists: seven established and seven emerging.

Olivia is paired with established artist, Julia Robinson for the exhibition.

“I was so intimidated,” says Olivia referring to her first meeting with Julia. “I’d never done public art before and it was such a relief to meet Julia and also realise that she’s just a person.”

Co-director Serena Wong says that if FELTpublic had to have one big idea it was to, “put artists in each other’s orbits.”

Among other potential themes FELTpublic is exploring is the idea of art being kicked and, maybe, even stolen.

Last year, exhibiting in FELTnatural Carly Snoswell’s (image 01) art was stolen. Another artist who’d installed a large concrete block came back to the site to discover it had been picked up and moved into a shallow lake.

“I think art isn’t about the gallery space at all,” says Serena continuing, “it should be bigger.”

The potential for artworks to be bigger, to be damaged, to confuse and to delight the public is what makes this event special and it’s why you should make time in your busy schedule for art.

FELTpublic: here for a good time – not a long time.


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