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March 1, 2014

Art sale: One last slice of ANKLES

Adelaide's premier street art stalwart - the ever-talented ANKLES - is leaving our shores, but before he skips town he's getting rid of vast swathes of his back catalogue in a huge abandoned warehouse art sale.

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  • Film: Capital Waste Pictures

CityMag was first captivated by Ankles’ satirical “We Never Open!” project that filled empty shopfronts with branding that looked suspiciously like that of a real store, but surprised those coming in for a closer look with sentences along the lines of “Donut City: It’s the sprawling suburbs that make the centre so hollow”.

Ankles is a rare constant on the street scene – the walls and telephone boxes of Adelaide evolve and change as Ankles tackles them, even while he works on gallery shows and contributes to the Rawhide partnership and the Print Cult collective.

His imminent departure will leave a gap in our city, so get your piece of Ankles memorabilia while you still can.

Sale starts 5.30pm, Thursday May 8.
Secret location to be revealed Wednesday May 7. Check the Ankles Funeral Art Sale Facebook event page for details.

In the meantime, watch this excellent film by the very talented boys from Capital Waste Pictures.


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