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June 17, 2021

CityMag’s Winter 2021 print edition is out now

Go get one.

  • Words: Johnny von Einem
  • Pictures: Morgan Sette

In CityMag’s latest print edition, we once again partnered with our big sister, InDaily, to showcase the 40 Under 40 in beautiful print and ink.


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As we were planning the stories that would sit alongside the 40 Under 40, we wondered about the lives that led our 40 Under 40 to become so accomplished.

Many in the alumni group (now 160 people) are self-starters, and would describe themselves as such, but every year, in almost every acceptance speech, there is credit paid to people, communities and organisations who helped along the way.

With this edition, we wanted to get to know similar influencing entities shaping our city’s young people.

This theme saw us visit Northern Sound System, a musical institution in Elizabeth that has influenced an impressively high number of successful South Australian bands and musicians.

We spent time with members of the Kaurna community during the first approved cultural burn to happen in the Parklands since colonisation, where one young Kaurna man told us the practice was helping to heal some of the generational harm he carries.

Des’s Group CEO Chris Brougham told us about being handed the business at age 20, when it was just a Whyalla-based taxi service, and building it to become the Des we know today.

Over a platter of dips, three housemates, who have lived together for six years, speak about a coming-of-age moment: leaving the sharehouse to move in with long-term partners.

We also met a radiologist from the RAH helping to create the guidelines for implementing AI in medicine; a seed biologist alarmed to be using samples from the Seed Bank a generation earlier than he’d hoped; and some of the young students of Hindley Street’s Youth Inc city school.

Artist Solomon Kammer shared her experience of evolving beyond audience expectations, and local DJ Strict Face let us into his music-making process.

We also caught up with a few 40 Under 40 alumni from last year to find out what they’ve been up to in the months since being named in the 2020 awards.

Read about the 2021 40 Under 40 in the latest edition of CityMag


There are heaps more stories in the mag, some of which you’ll see pop up on the website over the coming months.

But nothing beats sifting through stories in print, over a coffee in your favourite café, a drink in your favourite bar, or paired with a nice afternoon wherever you come across us.

For help finding your nearest CityMag, see our website.

Happy reading.

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