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January 15, 2019
— The Design Issue

CityMag Style Sample: Summer

A style sample colour edit from CityMag's fashion director, Sharmonie Cockayne, and you, the well-dressed Adelaide public.

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  • Annotations and direction: Sharmonie Cockayne
  • Pictures: Tash McCammon

Australians don’t try too hard. As a people, we’re unsettled by the things that force themselves to be: if our presence or opinion is unwanted, we’ll move on. That mentality is reflected in the way we wear our clothes.

Our way of dressing is simple, unforced. Those who do it best wear a white t-shirt with their fancy pants, or Levi’s with their designer shoes, or canvas shoes to casual down eveningwear. And, if it’s not working, we throw on something oversized. But, the best part of our collective psyche: we’re pretty unfazed by the judgement of others.

It’s the flanny everyone wants but no one can have because this gentleman owns it.



Naomi Murrell wearing Naomi Murrell.



When classics come together, it works.




She said it was an old C/MEO skirt.



Blue and green and pink and cool.



Do what the bag says.



Dad on holiday fashion. Spot the APC.



Sandals and feet.



His whole outfit was beautiful, but the bag said it all.



Velvet tri-tone jacket and checkered Vans.



Actual dad on holiday, but accidental fashion.



This is Kane.



You’re classic.




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