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July 31, 2014

Agent Provocateur opens in Adelaide

The comfort of over-sized, over-stretched nanna underpants are a personal, yet hideous joy we’re sure many females can relate to. Unfortunately, for the privileged few who gain access to you in your smalls, the joy is not always mutual.

The mortification of giant underpants can be rectified rather simply. Step one: Throw away your saggy-bottomed underwear (Remember: they are not you friends, even though they might protest otherwise). Step two: Head into the  new Agent Provocateur store in the renovated David Jones lower ground floor and go nuts.

Agent Provocateur opening in Adelaide.

The lovely new set up on the lower ground floor of David Jones


Yes, you read correctly, lovers of femininity and all things pretty: we lucky Adelaidians now have access to the world’s most tantalising lingerie label. Opening just over two weeks ago, the new set up meets every intimate need a woman could have. From the ultra-risqué, to the sweetly feminine, Agent Provocateur is always sexy and of the highest quality (No shiny, flammable looking brassieres here, thank you very much).

The time is nigh to head in to Agent Provocateur and give yourself a wee self-esteem boost, a winter blues treat or just a little exercise in self love and appreciation of all your wonderful femininity (We know it’s there, nanna pants).

You can thank us – and of course, the geniuses behind the super label – later for all that alluring confidence you’ll sport basking in your lavish lingerie secret. And we bet those privileged few will want to thank us too.

Agent Provocateur opening in Adelaide.

Lace only makes nice things nicer


‘Petunia’- Agent Provocateur S/S2014


The ‘Marnee’- Agent Provocateur S/S2014



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