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February 29, 2024

Adelaide’s best new music

We've rounded up Adelaide's best new music for the month of February, including aleksiah, Erin Buku, Next Best Feeling, The Munch and West Thebarton.

Adelaide new music February
  • Words: Estee Loke, Kimberly Murray and Charlie Gilchrist
  • Graphic: James Taylor

Aaron Thomas — ‘Mouth Of The City’

‘Mouth of the City’ is a slow and haunting indie song, and artist Aaron Thomas says it’s about “how the world you inhabit touches your mind and influences your behaviour”. This track pulls you into the depths of melancholy with its musing melodies, evoking emotions that flow like the endless ocean. Thomas has transformed his musical artistry into a dynamic auditory landscape with this new release. This fusion of alternative sounds with elements of indie folk and rock weaves together a tapestry rich in complexity. Delve into the depths of acoustic resonance, intertwining with the ethereal echoes of electric guitar drenched in reverberation and reverse delays.


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Aleksiah – 24

Aleksiah is back with a heartfelt message to her younger self. ’24’ is a song about the highs and lows of being in your 20s including living your best life and having faith that everything will be fine. This song screams to everyone who is in fear of not being enough as aleksiah sings: “Don’t waste your 20s on a dream”. The uptempo pace and shimmering pop instrumentals bring life to the lyrics. Aleksiah explains her songwriting process and says “’24’ was written at a time when I felt a lot of jealousy and self-loathing. I had just turned 22 and felt miles behind all of my peers”. You can see aleksiah live at Jive on June 8.

Apollo Lane — BLANK WALLS

CityMag’s top pick from Apollo Lane’s latest three-piece EP Bite the Bullet was ‘BLANK WALLS’. With raw vocals and aggressive drums, ‘BLANK WALLS’ evokes visceral reactions in listeners through the abrasive and chaotic sonic qualities of the song. Departing from traditional notions of musical structure and aesthetics, this EP emphasises spontaneity, exploration and freedom to push boundaries.

Erin Buku — ‘Ley Lines’

A jazzy riff with a double bass and horns introduces Erin Buku’s new single ‘Ley Lines’ before giving way to a hip hop-inspired rhythm. Erin’s songs are full of strong political messages and ‘Ley Lines’ is no exception. Speaking to CityMag, Erin says “’Ley Lines’ is all about the energy grid, and the Indigenous Australians were very aware of ley lines, they call them song lines.” Erin will release her self-titled album on March 1 and will perform at WOMADelaide on March 8.

Jackulson – I Just Decide

If CityMag could describe Jackulson’s new track ‘I Just Decide’ in one word it would be “futuristic”. The song starts with a repetitive, single-note guitar riff. This is then complimented by a contrasting bassline, later mimicked by what sounds like a distorted guitar. There are a lot of strange sounds in this song, but that just makes it more fun!

My Chérie — ‘Don’t Compare Yourself’

‘Don’t Compare Yourself’ by My Chérie is an ethereal musical experience. The song beautifully captures the weight of constant choices and expectations that burden everyone. The lyrics convey this message of understanding with the heartfelt words: “If you’re feeling restless, come and sit with the rest of us. You’re not the only one”. My Chérie’s powerful voice perfectly complements the mesmerising beats and enchanting atmosphere of the music. It’s more than a song – it is also a reminder not to compare yourself and it’s okay to take your time: “I hear the best way to go somewhere is to go slowly”.

Next Best Feeling – Drew Barrymore

When CityMag first heard the synth bassline at the beginning of Next Best Feeling’s new song ‘Drew Barrymore’, we assumed we were in for an ‘80s revival track. The tune quickly transforms into something totally different, with its upbeat indie sound featuring a prominent guitar riff, an energetic vocal performance, and sweet harmonies.

saschasaidso and ethanrip – INDAWAY

“INDAWAY” is a killer track made by two talented musicians, SASCHASAIDSO and ethanrip. The high energy and intense nature of the track sets up the pair’s style. The distinct electronic beats reverberate with an intensity like the heartbeat of a city. You can hear this in the strong pulse and the catchy line that keeps coming back: ‘Up all night, sleep all day’. The pulsating dance rhythms add colour and vibrancy to a grayscale world, a rhythmic heartbeat in a silent room. It has a raw energy from hip-hop, giving it a gritty, down-to-earth vibe.

Sofia Menguita — ‘Everyone I’ve Ever Loved’

‘Everyone I’ve Ever Loved’ is an acoustic, indie folk song that has emotionally charged lyrics. It’s about bittersweet love accompanied by heart-tugging guitar strums and yearnful humming. This is the song you are looking for after a horrid breakup or to have a good cry as Sofia sings “Fragment of the love I’ve sown / You were all I had once / So I fell for you.”

Sofia Menguita is a Filipino singer-songwriter raised in Adelaide. Her music is a fusion of various genres, including pop, rock and folk. Her passionate vocals speak to her listeners by painting an image through storytelling using powerful lyrics and a unique but comforting sound, and this new release is no different. ‘Everyone I’ve Ever Loved’ is a song that you keep going back to listen to over and over again. You can catch Sofia at WOMADelaide on March 9 at Zoo Stage 4.

Sweeney — ‘Age, Age, Age’

Sweeney’s new album Ageism takes you on a thrilling journey through 10 electronic pop tracks. It makes us question societal norms as Sweeney highlights what it means to be queer. The thought-provoking lyrics and mesmerising melodies will take you into a whole new dimension, where you can truly immerse yourself in the beauty and complexity of the human experience. CityMag’s top pick was the song ‘Age, Age, Age’. The subtle music sounds with monotone voiceovers sent shivers down our spines. Every musical choice was carefully curated and built up to the one-minute 30 mark where the beats grew more intense and had us immersed in a Sweeney universe. We were here for it.

The Munch — ‘Puddle’

From the very first notes, we were immediately drawn into a powerful guitar solo that sets the tone for this rock song. The lead vocalist’s voice is a compelling force, resonating with unfiltered emotion that perfectly matches the sentiment expressed in the lyrics: “In this puddle I’m gonna drown“. There is a recurring theme of change, pain, and realisation. The song is emotional and impactful as they repeat the lyrics: “I didn’t see you going“. This captures the raw emotional vulnerability of the song.

Theodore Kittens — Fancy U

‘Fancy U’ by Theodore Kittens is an enchanting melodic breakbeat track. It’s packed with complex rhythm patterns and a distinctive fusion of electronic sounds with its intricate but constant beats. The lyrics give the feeling of life and love: “They tell you find purpose in life,” and ‘” do believe we were destined for great things”. The song wraps up with a feel-good, kind of churchy choir and angelical likeness feeling. This song is all about that wholesome feeling when you meet someone who simply just fills your time with buckets of love and happiness.

Tumelo — ‘Shinin’ feat. Breana Marin’

‘Shinin’ by Tumelo and Breana Marin is a fascinating song that has infectious rhythmic beats, and soul-stirring vocals. The beats are not just sounds, but the pulsating heart of the song, driving the tempo, mood and energy. Tumelo’s voice is not just a voice either, it’s an instrument – full of soul, delivering each word with a sort of intensity and reminder of what we can do: “Powerful ambition to create my own legacy,” or lyrics like: “I walk in greatness“.

West Thebarton — ‘Humble Heart’

To give fans a taste of what’s to come from West Thebarton’s new upcoming album Mongrel Australia – set to go live on March 22 – the band has released ‘Humble Heart’. If loving rock is your thing, then add this one to your playlist. This track is guaranteed to make you start nodding your head in approval. The infectious beats will have you tapping your feet and bobbing your head along to the irresistible rhythm.

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