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July 13, 2023

A creative space plants roots in a North Terrace basement

The director of 301 Creative hopes his “blank canvas” will become a hub for artists and makers of all persuasions.

  • Words: David Simmons
  • Main image: David Simmons

The first time CityMag encounters 301 Creative, the scene laid out resembled something lifted straight from Brooklyn.


301 Creative
301 North Terrace, Adelaide, 5000


The space – a basement in a heritage North Terrace townhouse – is crammed with young people enjoying free-flowing wine and Peroni Reds, celebrating the launch of the business founded by multi-hyphenate Jed Woolford.

So busy is the spot that CityMag can’t even get through the front door, instead forced to wait on the staircase while watching local burlesque star Jamie Bucirde’s fiery performance from afar.

Once inside, this reporter is introduced to Woolford – a self-described “nepo baby” – and is welcomed into the throng of photographers, filmmakers, DJs, content creators, models and influencers.

The night continues, with those attending the launch of 301 singing praises of the beauty of the basement which houses a pristine photography studio and podcasting/events area.

When CityMag returns to interview Woolford a week-and-a-bit later, the space feels different. For one, it’s empty – the revellers went home long ago – but full of potential. That’s what makes 301 special according to Woolford, who also DJs, runs The Triple H Podcast, and recently ventured into music video production.

301 Creative creative director Jed Woolford.

301 sits on North Terrace at the end of a row of heritage-listed townhouses next to Ayers House. It used to be accommodation for nurses who worked at the old Royal Adelaide Hospital, but now they’re a string of three-storey residences.

As a teenager Woolford lived in 301 with his parents, and he would sleep in the room now taken up by the photography studio. The creative director currently rents 301, and he’s converted the basement into the beginnings of his business.

“I want it to be something that people can come to and feel at home, like I did for many years,” Woolford told CityMag.

“I want it to be a blank canvas. I’m not a creative by trade – I just really love people – and I want to give people full autonomy to create what they want; that’s my goal with this space.”

These images were created by Chi Catalano at 301 Creative. Photos: Chi Catalano.

As for what that might entail, Woolford has lofty ambitions. He envisions 301 taking over the upper floors of the townhouse, expanding the business to offer co-working desks, a recording studio, and possibly even a psychologist’s office.

Currently, interested parties can rent the spaces out for photoshoots and podcasting sessions. 301 even offers an on-site podcast producer for an extra fee.

“I want the feeling of coming through 301 to be synonymous with coming to a space where you can really be yourself, and really express and create something meaningful – whatever that looks like to you,” he said.

“At the end of the day – I’m really fortunate in my circumstances. This isn’t a money thing – I don’t have to make money off 301 because we’re very fortunate; we own the property.

“If I’m going to be a nepo baby, I’m going to be a good one. If I’m going to create this space, I’m really going to ensure that what I’m doing is giving it back to people who create the amazing art that we love.”

Jamie Bucirde performs at the opening of 301 Creative. Photo: Chi Catalano.

Beyond his desire to give back to the creative community, Woolford is driven to pursue his wildest dreams after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the age of 20.

Now 23, the 301 founder suffers from chronic fatigue, but told CityMag that the illness could result in other issues down the track, including blindness, but that his current prognosis was “really healthy”.

“Time is super precious. Life is super precious. So why not live every single day like it’s your last,” he said.

“This place was born out of an urgency to create something of beauty and fun and creativity.

“You don’t know what the next five years are going to be like so I asked myself, why am I not loving every day of my life?”

Follow 301 Creative here.

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