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August 22, 2016

Adelaide ink: XO L’Avant

CityMag is examining the new frontier of the tattoo industry by visiting Adelaide's best independent, artist-driven small businesses - like XO L'Avant.

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  • Words: Farrin Foster
  • Pictures: Jessica Clark

Established: 2015
Number of artists: Four
Style: Contemporary

After working in tattooing for four years, Jaya Suartika (@jayaism) started XO L’Avant because he “had a vision for something different”.

His studio, where he tattoos alongside Kyle Woodman (@yeahdope) and stick and poke artists Alex Harris (@folkandpoke) and Nadia Suartika (@__nadika__) is becoming known for its non-traditional aesthetic, which uses colour only sparingly.

XO’s city home in The Mill – where Jaya also hosts occasional exhibitions and flash days featuring like-minded artists from elsewhere – is already being outgrown by the business, which will be considering new premises soon. 


Generational change has revolutionised the business of tattoos, which no longer exists on the edges of society. Instead, artists are being appreciated for their craft and creativity and SA is developing a nationally respected niche industry.

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Kyle Woodman

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