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June 24, 2021

How to go global

McLaren Vale gin brand Never Never Distilling Co. has taken their spirits to the world with the help and resources made available to them by DTI.

Like CityMag, the Department for Trade and Investment (DTI) loves to see South Australian ideas grow into great international businesses.


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This article was produced in collaboration with the Department for Trade and Investment.

Follow the steps below to see if your business has the necessary requirements to go global.



Exporting requires you to be able to clearly define what your business objectives are, and how export fits into your overall strategy. This includes identifying your competitive advantage.

How DTI can assist → Dedicated export advisers and sector specialists are on hand to go through the necessary requirements to ensure your business is in a position to export.



Exporting requires its own budget to ensure a successful entry into global markets. Funding shouldn’t be taken away from your domestic operations as this can undermine the entire business.

How DTI can assist → There are three main export assistance programs available for you to access funding: eCommerce Accelerator Program, South Australia Export Accelerator and Global Expansion Program.



Having a clear and well thought out brand strategy is key to advancement in a global market. Success in Australia provides you with a solid foundation to begin exporting.

How DTI can assist → DTI has access to a range of resources, including intellectual property legal specialists to refer you to.



To begin with, your focus should be how your competitive advantage can fit into international markets to consider how various elements of your export journey will play out. From here you can expand.

How DTI can assist → Export advisers are located within Adelaide, and throughout regional South Australia, to provide you with tailored one-on-one support regarding which market is right for your business.



It’s important for you to understand exactly who the ‘customer’ is. They aren’t simply the end user, they’re actually everyone who comes into contact with your product along the supply channel.

How DTI can assist → You’ll have access to an overseas DTI network, consisting of internationally located trade representatives assisting you through the exporting supply chain and process, and helping you find your customer.



Know what are you prepared to do or not do. It’s important to remember that when your business is in another country, you’re still under Australian law, regardless of the laws of that country. Consider if this may affect your export strategy.

How DTI can assist → The Export Fundamentals Program is an initiative intended to provide you (as a new exporter) with the tools, connections and confidence to successfully navigate the laws and ethics of international markets.



You’ve got to ensure the major elements of your export journey – price, payments, ethics – are identified, and confirmed, before you embark on any sales or negotiations.

How DTI can assist → One-on-one advisers are on hand to assist you with these elements of your export plan by providing market research and insights, and creating market connections – both state and federal.


Read more about Never Never Distilling Co.’s export journey here.

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