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December 5, 2023

Four simple steps to get started in solar

Want to escape big bills and help the planet, but don’t know the first thing about solar? Then this guide is for you.

  • This article was produced in collaboration with RAA.

1. Price isn’t the hurdle it once was, and there are different ways to pay

Who wouldn’t want to slash their energy bills and help the planet? So many of us would love to make the switch to solar but are held back by the misconception that it’s totally unaffordable.

But that isn’t necessarily true. It is possible to get a home solar system for under $7000 which could pay itself off in under four years in the right conditions.

Payment plans are available that could immediately reduce your monthly or quarterly spend; once you’re done paying, those savings will be yours forever.

For example, an RAA Solar 6.6kW base system could save a working couple with an average daily electricity usage of 15.kWh about $1700 on energy bills per year.

RAA Solar can estimate your energy savings and project how long before a solar system pays for itself.


For more information, head to the website.


2. No prior knowledge? No worries. Good Solar companies are teachers too

Another concern for those looking to go solar is that they don’t necessarily know what all the jargon and figures mean, but trusted companies will always educate.

The local team of experts at RAA Solar want to make things as pain free as possible. They provide easy-to-understand quotes and have in-house experts ready to explain anything and everything before you sign on the dotted line, minus all the jargon.

Good solar companies will offer free no-obligation quotes and site assessments, so you can make the decision to go solar armed with all the knowledge you need.


3. Watch out for cowboys. Go with a well-known company you can trust

Be wary of solar cowboys who do dodgy installs and use sub-par panels or batteries – there have been plenty and will likely be more.

Cutting corners with unknown, inexperienced or unaccredited solar dealers may lead to lower prices, but lack of credibility, murky warranties and shoddy workmanship are not worth it.

If something goes wrong with your system, or if the company goes out of business, you’ll regret it.

Companies like RAA who are known and trusted nationwide will always be there for you if something goes wrong. They use only trusted solar panel and battery brands, all of which have warranties.

Do some research – brands do matter. Well-known solar companies are far less likely to go out of business; install solar with a trusted company and you can rest assured knowing your warranty will see its entire life out.


4. It doesn’t have to be forever

A common misconception amongst solar newbies is that there’s no point investing in solar if the house they currently live in isn’t going to be their ‘forever home,’ however, this is not the case.

If you get solar and stay in your house for the lifetime of the system, that’s great! On the flip side, it adds a large amount of value to your home.

Even if you sell your place before your system pays for itself, you could very well get your money back.



  1. Solar panels convert sunlight to DC electricity
  2. Inverter converts DC electricity to AC   
  3. Electricity is fed through the switchboard, then distributed throughout your home
  4. Use solar energy first to power your home. If you need more than your panels provide, it will come from the grid
  5. A battery can be used to store solar energy and can be used instead of grid energy or when the sun is down
  6. Excess power is sent back to the grid   
  7. Once solar production has ceased and the battery is depleted, energy will be taken from the grid to power your home.
  8. If there is a power outage, some batteries can keep your home running



The expert team at RAA Solar have helped thousands of South Aussies get into bill-slashing, planet-saving solar.

Providing easy-to-understand quotes and leading quality panels, inverters and batteries, they are a reliable choice for your solar installation.

All packages include a 5-year workmanship warranty and include energy monitoring, so you can rest assured that your solar setup is safe and your energy use is informed.

Payment plans are available, and RAA members receive a 10% discount on solar products.

For more information, head to the website.

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