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January 1, 2019
Media Kit
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Telephone: (08) 8212 3773
In-person: Level 3, 169 Pirie Street Adelaide SA 5000

CityMag is telling the story of a city on the rise and creating a ‘how-to’ guide for successful people, places and business in Adelaide. We are a reference and motivator for anyone seeking to make change – whether it’s as small as their wardrobe, or as big as switching careers, finding a new address or re-energising a community.

CityMag doesn’t just report on the changing face of Adelaide, it also helps inform and support the change-makers among us.

CityMag Editor Farrin Foster

CityMag Founding Editor Farrin Foster

CityMag has one objective: To increase Adelaide’s resilience. It’s our mission to weave the stories of our city into a common thread that reveals Adelaide’s potential.”

What we do, at a glance:

• Circulation: 20,000 per quarter
• Readers: 120,000 per quarter
CityMag’s number 01 demographic is 25-34 year olds
• Its number 02 demographic is 35-44 year olds
• Reach: Online audience is steady between 39,000 and 45,000 users per month
• Frequency: Our website is visited daily with fresh, relevant content published on a rolling schedule

CityMag speaks with confidence to a mature and modern consumer, who’re actively looking to make change in their lives.

Adelaide needs an agile media business like CityMag – one that isn’t tied to established interests and can support the emerging and innovative enterprise this city needs to foster so it can remain relevant in a radically changing, global economy.

Our readers are successful, motivated and engaging people – influential in their own right!

Hear from our readers about the impact we make:


Developing our readers’ aspiration:

Like connecting flights, CityMag carries readers, business and government to important and surprising destinations; starting with a story and ending up with an audience.

Through engaging and relevant reporting, our platform is a key aggregator of information directly relevant to a consumer’s decision-making process. Whether we’re writing about innovative transportation businesses or a humble cup of coffee, the true power of CityMag is in connecting people with the information that will transform their way of thinking and influence their lifestyle choices.

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  1. 1.
  2. 2. Our editor, a city resident, sits at the heart of our business
  3. 3. Along with the owner and publisher of CityMag
  4. 4. The business employs two designers, whom add tremendous value to our product – journalism
  5. 5. We have a growing network of contributors and work hard to give a voice to the best and brightest
  6. 6. Our photographers are award-winning and work internationally as well
  7. 7. Over three years we've written about 466 South Australian businesses
  8. 8. We've had 36 brands and businesses advertise with us over the last three years
  9. 9. And we're reaching new audiences all the time
  10. 10. In the last 12 months we've reached a total 273,180 individuals online alone!


One of the areas in which Adelaide has had great success is the city.

Adelaide is developing a new, urban-centric future and CityMag is the voice of those building that future. Medium and high-density living isn’t something you can advertise effectively on a billboard, on the radio or in a 30-second-television-time-slot. 

CityMag is Adelaide’s only media brand actively demonstrating the benefits and amenity of a life lived closer together. Without CityMag’s focus on the benefits of city living and the city lifestyle there would be no advocate for apartment and town house living in South Australia.

Concurrently, CityMag partners with the people who are building the businesses of the future – businesses that will ultimately nurture healthier communities and a more collaborative economy.

Adelaide is already one of the world’s most liveable cities. We’re showing people that it can also be a city of opportunity. 


Forme Projex is a CityMag partner. They build mid-rise residential apartments in the city and we build their customers.

CityMag readers are looking to make their home here.

In the top three “associated interests” for the CityMag website, our readers are looking at Real Estate websites and “Residential Properties (For Sale)”.

We are committed to helping the City of Adelaide realise its population growth targets because more people living closer together means a safer, more engaging and more prosperous society. Population density is good for business.

More locals living in the city rather than spread thinly across the outer suburbs means closer and quicker connections, more equitable access and a greater chance for business to build regular and repeat custom.

How we help you make a difference (to Adelaide, and to your business):


Advertising creating specifically for CityMag by our sister company – Masthead Studio


John Lethlean lists CityMag’s print edition as a reason to visit Adelaide!

CityMag cuts through the noise:

The proliferation of information, eat-and-tweet culture and paid-for ‘influencers’ means readers are putting less and less faith in what they read online.

Whether you’re considering our print or digital product, CityMag creates a different kind of cut through with our brand, which is only possible because of the perceived authenticity and authority at the heart of our operation.

Proving our influence and effect, both our content and our advertising is often captured and re-published online by our readers.  Whether we’re getting esteem from The Australian newspaper’s influential food critic, John Lethlean or a happy reader sharing our quirky and effective advertising, CityMag maintains relevance in the digital age.

CityMag provides consistent messaging and support for the themes of a smart, green, liveable and creative city. We create a positive environment in which to learn about new and exciting developments and ultimately create greater confidence in both business and consumers with well-researched and constructive analysis.

CityMag has created the infrastructure to support new thinking and new behaviour in our readers.

What comes first?

The tram, the track or the destination?

None of the above. What comes first is the pioneer. Pioneers build destinations. They build a reason to travel, a reason to spend money, a reason to grow.

CityMag is Adelaide’s only telegraph bringing news back from a brave new frontier in Adelaide’s history as we change and shift gears into a new and exciting, urban future – and we want to make sure you’re part of that future.

Investing in CityMag is about ensuring the success of your business’ top line strategy. CityMag is both platform and vehicle to gather an audience and deliver your key messages to them, while providing an attractive, positive environment that adds value to your business.

For information about advertising rates, to access our unique insights into business development, or establish a partnership with CityMag please contact our founder and publisher, Joshua Fanning:
(08) 8224 1600

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