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July 6, 2023

Meet our creative 40 Under 40

Creativity comes in many forms and can transform a leftfield idea into a profitable business, as these 40 Under 40 alumni show.

  • Pictured left to right: Christian Canala, Michael Philippou, Daniel Smith and Daniel Franco.
  • Photos: Samuel Graves

Christian Canala

Vinify: Founder / Managing Director

Canala, 33, started Vinify in 2016 with four staff and a small collection of producers from Australia and Italy, however in the past 24 months his company has grown to become one of Australia’s most respected wine distributors. “Our greatest contribution should come from our everyday business, and we are working hard to ensure each bottle we sell improves the wellbeing of the planet,” he says.

Favourite wine? Bruno Giacosa. Always will be.

Michael and Danny Philippou

RackaRacka: Owner

Michael and Danny Philippou started their YouTube channel in 2013, and have since amassed over 6.73 million subscribers. As a result of their immense social media growth and presence, the pair successfully released their feature directorial debut film, Talk To Me, in 2022. The film gained box office buzz and cultural praise across the world. “We want to use our momentum and buzz in Hollywood to obtain large film budgets and inject them into the Australian economy to provide jobs for as many South Australians as possible,” they said.

A meal or food item that changed your life? Sausage rolls…. Next to the Malls Balls. 

Daniel Smith

Andorwith Director

Smith’s 14-year journey as a South Australian clothing manufacturer is an achievement worth celebrating. Plans are underway to expand the Andorwith business globally and enter new coastal and surf communities. “My story is about the underdog, the person who never gave up and followed his dreams,” Smith says.

Best piece of advice you’ve been given? How can you expect to get 100% back from something without first giving 100% towards it?

Daniel Franco

SynergyIQ CEO

Franco founded SynergyIQ in 2018 with the vision to be a world leader in organisational change. He also hosts the company’s Creating Synergy podcast, where he has held conversations with dozens of high-profile guests. “In the words of David and Goliath, we’re taking on the big giants and we’re going to be growing this thing globally,” he says.

One rule you live your life by? It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

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