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November 16, 2023

Improve your life

You’ve heard it before, the best way to improve your life is always supporting local. Whether you are conversing in a female-empowered online forum or wearing custom-made jewellery fresh from the sea, make sure it’s in the heart of Adelaide. Here are seven ways to improve your life.

  • Words: Sarah Herrmann and Grace Atta
  • Pictures: Supplied



When you’re feeling sad and low, Salt Gang’s products are bound to spice up your life.


This article first appeared in our 10 Years of CityMag, Spring 2023 edition, which is on streets now.

Take dinners to a whole new level with these Adelaide Hills seasonings including BBQ Umami Sauce, Hot Fermented Honey, and the best-selling number one Chilli Crisp. Handmade by Lucy and Thomas, each tiny flask is packed full of flavour. Don’t stress your tongue as most are mild to medium, and there are even heatless options. More wins: no MSG or preservatives in sight.

Available at a number of city stockists, statewide markets and online at Salt Gang also makes monthly donations to the Dhadjowa foundation.



Rustic, adorable, one-of-a-kind ceramics – really, you can never have enough. Created in her slow batch studio, Liv highlights the raw and eccentric beauty of her handmade pieces with her own food-and-dishwasher-safe glaze. Wonky Pottery is frankly delicious to look at. She has wobbly mugs, ring trays, vases, cups, bowls and plates galore to choose from. She’s even made pottery in the shape of her bird. You’re sure to find your new favourite ware in this irresistible collection.

Start your wonky collection at See Someone Store, Goodwood, or The Gator Club, College Park.



This Adelaide-based brand has thought of nearly every item that could be pet-themed: cufflinks, cake toppers, wine glass charms, keyrings, earrings, necklaces, brooches, magnets, lanyards (hello teachers) and even a tea strainer.

We wouldn’t blame you if you wanted one for yourself. We’ll even help you out *hint hint*. If your loved one said ‘Read this article, it’s really interesting’, they want you to get this item ASAP. It is the pawfect present. 



With the slouch-on-the-couch cold days hopefully over, Seeing Double’s line of brightly coloured ‘cursive’ hoodies might need to wait. But if you’ve got a festive cocktail party coming up or are about to live your best life on a Europe vacay (jealous), then Seeing Double will have you frothing over their line of one-of-a kind dresses. Even better, you don’t have to feel the moral weight of shopping unsustainably with this brand, because every piece is handmade from recycled garments.



Want to wear a piece of the ocean? Polly surveys beaches to find beautiful tumbled sea glass with which you simply must adorn yourself. The shiny mesmerisers are handmade into classy sterling silver rings, necklaces and earrings that will complement any outfit. She also dabbles in shell, opal, pearl, moonstone and sea stone jewellery. Bumble & Harlow is a proud supporter of sustainability, with every purchase resulting in the planting of 10 trees via Eden Reforestation Projects.

You can pick your favourite piece in the flesh at Gilles at the Grounds or Stirling Market, or browse and customise online at



Are you the kind of cook who needs recipes translated to you as if you were five? The Kimchi DIY Kit by Chung Jae Lee, owner of Seoul Sisters on Halifax Street, is the newest kit on the block. Inside the minimalist packaging are step-by-step instructions and ingredients prepared in sachets. The only other item you need is half a wombok cabbage. Simple! And what could be more impressive to dinner guests than a side dish that dates back 3000 years in Korean history and apparently (CityMag is no doctor) has great health benefits.



Needless to say, it’s not always easy to be a woman in this world, and sometimes we all need a little extra moral support from other women who just get it. Just Be was designed for exactly that. A fortnightly event, led by Tess Robertson and Nat Short, filled with thoughtful conversations around topics that really matter to women in a safe and judgement-free space. And if a mid-week outing sounds exhausting after a hard day in the office, then don’t worry! There’s no need to leave the comfort of your home for the meet up, since it all happens over Zoom, every second Wednesday at 6:30pm.

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