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March 5, 2024

Housewarmers is coming to Grenfell Street

A secondhand Danish furniture store curated by the owner of Et Toi Skincare is set to open on Friday.

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  • Words: Kimberly Murray
  • Pictures: Claudia Dichiera
  • First picture L—R: Lolly Heaney and Eva Jones

The exterior of the store near the southeast corner of Hindmarsh Square is plastered with posters that hide what’s inside the new shop, but owner Lolly Heaney and resident artist Eva Jones are more than welcoming and eager to show us around.


120 Grenfell Street, Adelaide 5000

Slated to open Friday, March 8


With an opening planned for Friday, there is still work to be done in this Renew Adelaide space.

Lolly’s journey from owning a skincare business, Et Toi Skincare, to becoming a mid-century furniture retailer was an unexpected but delightful change. The inspiration behind Housewarmers came from Lolly’s father, an avid admirer of mid-century design.

“My dad would collect these pieces of furniture, look after them, and maintain them. He loves mid-century design,” Lolly says.

“His enthusiasm for this design era was contagious to say the least. So, I learned to refurbish furniture and ended up with a large collection.”

Lolly says opening the store is a result of her passion and practicality.

“I had refurbished a few too many items and it filled my house, I had two choices: either put everything in a storage unit or open a shop. I chose the latter,” she says.

She says she’s attracted to “anything that needs polishing and refurbishing” and loves working on furniture.

“Breathing new life into beloved mid-century pieces is something I enjoy,” Lolly says.

“I believe that owning furniture like this is not just a lifetime investment, but also a valuable piece of history.”

Housewarmers isn’t just a retail space. It’s a central hub that platforms other artists, like Eva Jones, to share their work.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity that I haven’t had before. I can create pieces for the store that complement the aesthetic of the furniture, with also the option to sell my own pieces,” Eva says.

Eva is already displaying one of her pieces on the wall titled ‘Original Rude Girl’.

“We are not focusing solely on building relationships with customers, but also with other artists,” Lolly says.

Eva by her painting ‘Original Rude Girls’


On the day CityMag visits, Lolly is still filling the space with furniture but there is an undeniable charm to the place.

“There will be an array of lamp lighting to enhance the warmth of the store. The store will house a diverse range of furniture – desks, tables, tallboys and chairs, all echoing the 60s Danish style. Essentially, everything a person would need to furnish their home would be found here,” Lolly says.

“I wanted to ensure that every aspect of the store was designed with intention, even while working with a somewhat limited budget.

“The initial state of the space was quite raw, but that was part of the challenge. It is about transforming it into a beautiful, well-thought-out space while being mindful of costs.”

A table to gossip about (and around)


Lolly hopes to eventually have a website where people can view and purchase her furniture online.

“My work with my previous business has allowed me to develop and equip [myself] with the skills and knowledge that I need,” Lolly says.

Housewarmers is located at 120 Grenfell Street, Adelaide and will open this Friday, March 8.

Connect with the business on Instagram for more.

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