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January 28, 2016

A new flag for Australia has potential

Our immediate reaction: we don't hate it.

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  • Words: Joshua Fanning

An unsolicited Australian Flag design popped up in our feeds this morning and it immediately caught our eye.

It’s good.

While New Zealand fumbles around with their fully-blown referendum on the subject, here we have a wonderfully-resolved design that could well and truly move our nation beyond the divisive debates about January 26th celebrations.

Australia’s existing seven-point star receives another point in this treatment — a full point for First Australians.

The Unity Flag by Murray Bunton ticks all the boxes of good flag design and we’re sure Roman Mars would give it two “nerdy” thumbs up. But it does something more than just look good.

As well as liking the design we also found it confrontational. It just doesn’t look like our flag.

The Unity Flag looks more like a flag you’d see hoisted above the parliament of a Pacific Island nation than Australia.

Wait — Australia is a pacific island. And this flag is the first thing that’s made us fully realise, embrace and want to celebrate that fact.

C’mon Aussie, let’s unpack the boxes fully and finally move into the neighbourhood we’ve been ignoring for the past 200 years.


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