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October 29, 2015

CityMag joins forces with Indaily

We're pleased to announce Adelaide will have a new, world-class brand of journalism next month.

  • Words: Joshua Fanning

Journalism is important to us. Not just to us on this side of the screen but for you, there, on the other side as well.


For more information please read the article on Indaily.

CityMag will continue to publish its quarterly print edition for collection across the CBD and inner-metro areas.

Yesterday, Solstice Media – publisher of Indaily, announced we’ve signed a contract to integrate into the brand new Indaily news website.

This is a quantum leap forward for the CityMag brand as we engage new audiences beyond our pigeon-hole online of the “New Bar Weekly Newsletter” (Little Miss Crab Shack re-opens for the summer tomorrow and it looks incredible btw).

By working with Indaily and its brilliant editorial team we will offer Adelaide the kind of information that will generate a higher level of debate and ultimately a more informed platform from which to build decisions from.

That’s what the media is meant to do.

South Australia is in flux presently. We cannot afford for the conversation to be dominated by a media brand that offers no context for the undertaking we all face to innovate, evolve and – importantly – relax.

We’re rolling up our sleeves over here on Clubhouse Lane. We’re going to work tirelessly to get you the details that make the story matter but then we’re also going to take time out at the end of our day to raise a glass and cheers to this beautiful city and its incredible inhabitants.


Joshua Fanning is the founder and publisher of CityMag

We really feel that Adelaide has, maybe for the first time in a long while, got some momentum and this announcement is just further acknowledgement of a city on the rise.


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