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August 29, 2017

Making poster-worthy jewellery with Cinquante

The jewellery label behind that iconic earring in this year's Adelaide Fashion Festival branding.

  • Words: Sharmonie Cockayne
  • Feature image: Adelaide Fashion Festival branding by Georges Antoni

Maybe you’ve already seen Adelaide Fashion Festival’s campaign imagery all over the state – on bus stops, on TV, all over Facebook.

And so – maybe – you recognise that mammoth earring worn by face of the festival, Akiima, in said imagery.


See Cinquante The Label in BNKR Store on the corner of Rundle Mall and Pulteney Street, and online here.

Cinquante will also take part at this year’s Adelaide Fashion Festival at Runway 1 Contemporary Vs. Street: A South Australian Showcase on October 12, and at AFF Runway 3 – BNKR on October 13. 

That earring is designed by Jane Edwardson of local jewellery label, Cinquante The Label.

Cinquante The Label has been around for a little while now. Jane launched the label in 2013 after years of designing her own jewellery and dabbling in silversmithing.

In an effort to make a unique product with a little more sentimentality than the average piece of jewellery, Cinquante The Label produces only 50 pieces of each design (so, for those with an understanding of the Italian or French language, the name Cinquante makes a lot of sense).

“Importantly for me, I wanted to offer a product that has that special enjoyment of knowing it would be rare to bump into someone wearing the same piece,” says Jane.

The creative brain and business woman behind Cinquante, Jane Edwardson.

It’s a strategy that has also arisen from a real awareness of the industry.

“The fashion industry is very competitive, and to be offering a product that is not necessarily a necessity is a challenge in itself,” she says.

“Sometimes I think it would’ve been easier to manufacture socks. Everyone needs socks, don’t they?”

Building a national jewellery business out of Adelaide is of course not without its challenges, like every small business.

Manufacturing especially is a challenge every designer/maker faces.

“I wanted to be able to make affordable on–trend keepsake jewellery, and brass is the closest you can get to gold without the price tag,” says Jane.

The products are made of solid sterling silver and brass, and are handmade in Indonesia by a family of artisans.

“I didn’t want to use gold plate, as it simply doesn’t have the longevity that a solid product does. Silver and brass will always come back beautifully to new when cleaned, it can last forever when looked after,” she says.

“It’s been a huge learning curve from the get-go, particularly the online side of the business.”

One of the things that surprised Jane most is the critical role that social media would play.

“There is so much more than meets the eye to online shopping. Social media is of course a very important tool for us, and something you have to be on top of everyday,” Jane says.

Cinquante accessorising the new Finders Keepers The Label lookbook.

An ideal collaborative partnership with local fashion giant, Australian Fashion Labels, has certainly given Cinquante The Label a step up in brand visibility.

“I have done a lot of collaborative work with the team from Australian Fashion Labels to create specific accessories to style with four of their amazing labels: Keepsake, C/MEO, Finders and The Fifth,” says Jane.

Those accessories made in collaboration, as well as some other pieces, are on offer in the Rundle Mall BNKR store, as well as the BNKR store in Los Angeles.

Cinquante The Label has been a part of the Adelaide Fashion Festival in previous years, but will this year be involved in an even bigger way. The brand will play a big part in Runways 1 and 3, and “various other AFF events around town.”

Beyond the festival this October, Jane has her sights set on taking Cinquante The Label global.

Watch this space, she says, and we will.

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