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February 1, 2017

Introducing Tenet Supply cycling apparel

They like to think that cycling is about more than the logo on your back.

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  • Story: Sharmonie Cockayne
  • Film photos: Tenet Supply

When you think of cycling apparel, an image of gaudy, brightly coloured, logo-emblazoned lycra immediately comes to mind.


Tenet Supply is sold online, here.

Adelaide natives, Victoria Paterson and Lewis Guerin Hanlon, have conjured up a different image – something a little sleeker, sexier and more playful.

In January, Victoria and Lewis launched their contemporary cycling apparel brand, Tenet Supply – a business informed by the tenets that connect modern design, speed and adventure.

We believe in an anti-billboard movement i.e. you don’t have to be wearing a logo to look good. – Tenet Supply

Victoria and Lewis bump into their Tenet model, Shaun Cash.

It may seem like a risky business venture in a market flooded with big name brands dominating the competition for sponsorship deals – even cyclists with a few thousand Instagram followers get snapped up by the big guns for sponsorship deals, making it a tough world for a baby cycling apparel brand. But Victoria and Lewis assure us that their point of difference is what will give Tenet longevity.

“The label is based in Adelaide, Australia and attempts to create a bridge between high performing cycling apparel, design and art,” says Victoria.

“All our pieces are manufactured in Australia, some of our fabrics are from Italy and different garments are produced in different parts of Australia including Melbourne and New South Wales.”

With these fundamental values, Victoria and Lewis are pursuing a niche market: newbie and casual cyclists with an appreciation for good design, and a disinterest in the logo-driven marketing so prominent in the sport.

Victoria, who is a graphic designer by trade and print maker/artist by passion, creates the designs herself using both physical and digital means.

“Many start from my linocuts, prints and drawings and are then digitally rendered and modified,” she says.

The eureka moment for starting the brand came from a one-off jersey that Victoria designed for Lewis, although Victoria says that prior to that moment the thought had lingered between them for some time as they searched for cycling apparel that suited their style and values.

And it seems their style and values match with that of other cyclists too. Since their soft online launch early this year and their recent appearance during Treadly’s MAKER showcase during the Tour Down Under, Victoria has noticed a good number of cyclists wearing the products on rides.

The pair will stock their product in Treadly Bike Shop, and keep watching this space for more independent stockists.


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