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February 6, 2018

Introducing Solomon Street swimwear

Occasional pop-up paper goods, accessories and apparel brand, Solomon Street, has released its first line of ethically-minded swimwear.

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  • Words and photo of Lauren: Sharmonie Cockayne
  • All other photos: Alex Schumacher

It was on Solomon Street at Fairweather Coffee that we first met Lauren Crago.

Because most of CityMag‘s editorial meetings take place there, and Lauren is our most favourite barista, we got to know Lauren and her business, Solomon Street, over the course of its conception and birth.

And, now it’s here.


Solomon Street is sold at Tinker, The Remakery, Vintage Carousel, and regularly at the Gilles Street Markets and Labels Style Market. Also found online.

Named for the street on which it was conceptualised, Solomon Street is a brand that sells locally sourced and made paper goods, accessories and apparel. But the purpose of the brand is more than making for making’s sake; Lauren began the business with an understanding of her place in the world, and a keen awareness of her responsibility as an individual, and a business.

“The whole idea was to create something that was able to be its own entity, seperate from myself, that can enhance the lives of other people and give back to the world,” says Lauren.

“We’re taking the spending habits of people purchasing fashion… and giving it back to local organisations who are doing good things.”

The social and environmental responsibility runs through the products too, including the newly introduced swimwear line.

“I wanted to make the most out of an environmental approach,” Lauren says. “As far as Solomon Street goes, we use natural fibres for all of our products, and so when it came to bathers, the material is recycled Vita Lycra from Eclipse Textiles, based in Queensland, and then they get printed… and that’s done in Sydney by Sublitech, and then they’re made in Adelaide by Jem Designs.”

Solomon Street’s swimwear designs are also part of delivering an ergonomic and empowering product for women of all shapes and sizes.

“I’ve always really struggled in purchasing bathers for my shape, and I know a lot of women who also have this problem. Especially when it gets to the larger cup sizes it gets quite difficult, so I wanted to design bathers that anyone with any shape can wear and feel really comfortable and active while they’re wearing them,” Lauren says.

So far, Solomon Street offers one style: a design-focused two-piece set with reversible print options, sturdy adjustable straps and high waisted briefs.

“Because they have the double layer they pull everything in. They’re a nice solid fit. Because the band is so thick it’s really comfortable, but it still gives you a nice waist,” says Lauren.

To see the swimwear line and the rest of Solomon Street’s products, visit the website.

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