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May 5, 2016

B Goods tranforms into Good Studios

A lot has changed for the eco fashion label since its launch, and now its name will too.

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  • Words: Lauren Reid
  • Pictures: Nicky Mellonie

Anny Duff’s B Goods label has grown significantly since it began in 2012. While this has been exciting, Anny says she didn’t want to change so fast that her core values of sustainability and quality got lost.

So she started thinking about re-launching her business to better fit its future direction.

The brand’s new name, GOOD STUDIOS, is designed to better describe Anny’s desire to use sustainable and collaborative business and design practices at every step. Under this label, she’ll have more scope to work not just as a brand but also a platform that showcases the work of other designers with similar philosophies.

The re-launch is also an opportunity to highlight some changes Anny has recently made internally. These include bringing the label’s production onshore to South Australia, a step which Anny believes is important to contribute to jobs growth in the industry. Going forward, GOOD STUDIOS will also be taking a more perennial (as opposed to seasonal) approach to its releases, with smaller, limited edition capsule ranges working alongside year-round staples and versatile unisex styles.

Despite this, long time fans of B Goods should not be alarmed. Anny promises the basic foundations of the label will be retained. She says GOOD STUDIOS is still for “conscientious and like-minded customers of all ages who are looking for sustainable clothing that doesn’t compromise on good design or ethical standards”.

Much of B Goods’ classic aesthetic is also be here to stay, though there may be some more nuanced variations as Anny’s design sensibilities and manufacturing collaborations evolve.

“GOOD STUDIOS will continue to follow our simple timeless colour palette of blues, greys, neutrals and blacks, drawing inspiration from the beauty and simplicity of the natural environment, and cultures that embrace minimalist aesthetics, like Japan and Scandinavia,” Anny says.

“[We are] still working predominantly with luxurious hemp linens and hemp organic blends of jersey and twill, alongside our recycled nylon swimwear and 100 per cent premium Australian wool.”

The home base of the GOOD STUDIOS will also give it a consistency, says Anny, who thinks the quality of design work happening in SA can provide endless inspiration.

“There is generally a really humble energy to the creatives here and you only need to travel a bit to appreciate how rare that is. We should all high-five each other in the streets more,” she says.

In the future, Anny hopes GOOD STUDIOS can continue to grow sustainably and collaborate with designers from other disciplines to build a creative network that really lives up to its name.

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