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December 17, 2015

A very independent Christmas: RHD

Not all denim is created equal. Never has this fact been more apparent than at Right Hand Distribution, also known as RHD Store, located just off of Hindley Street

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  • Words: Alicia Franceschini
  • Pictures: Baxter WIles

Since it opened almost six years ago, RHD has been Adelaide’s only street wear supplier to place a special emphasis on the tradition and quality of the denim they stock.


RHD Store is located at 83a Hindley Street, Adelaide. They are open from 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday, and 10am to 5pm on Saturdays.

“We’re the only stockist in Australia for Samurai Jeans, that’s our main label, and they don’t want to have their stock anywhere else in Australia, they want to keep our relationship tight,” owner Josh Krake says.

“We also stock Sugarcane, Buzz Rickson and Mister Freedom. They’re all made by the same company.”

But don’t worry, the wares at RHD Store aren’t just for the lads. Josh describes most of the clothing they stock as refreshingly unisex.

“If it fits, there’s no reason at all why women can’t wear it,” he says.

The store stocks Australia’s widest range of Japanese denim, something Josh keeps up so he can keep the quality up too.

“All the best denim in the world pretty much comes from Japan,” Josh says.

“They bought all the sewing machines from Levi’s in the ’50s, so they could reproduce what Levi’s were doing but they ended up doing it ten times better. Then Levi’s tried to buy the machines back, but the Japanese wouldn’t sell them“.

The care taken by RHD store in delivering you the finest denim jeans outside of Japan doesn’t end there. The fit of the jean also plays an important role, with the store offering an in-store alteration service as well.

“We do the bottom of the jeans, the hemming. It’s done on a Union Special,” says Josh. “It’s an old machine that does a chain stitch, which is the traditional way of finishing the bottom of the jean.”

And it is definitely worth taking the time to alter those jeans to fit you perfectly, as you may wind up having them for quite some time. Josh hopes that his customers see their products as investments, with the store having the motto of ‘buy once, buy good’.

“Everything you buy here, you wont necessarily throw away. It will be something that you’ll have for a lifetime,” he says.

“Everything we’ve got in store gets better with age too, and even if it does break down in certain areas, we always recommend repairing it as opposed to buying something new.”

These concerns also extend to the labels that the store chooses to stock.

“It basically comes down to whether it’s sweat shop free, if people are being paid minimum wage and they’re working in the right conditions,” Josh says.

“If we know that something isn’t made right or that company is not ethical then we don’t deal with them.”

With an online store hopefully open before Christmas, if not early next year, you will soon be able to become quite the sharply dressed individual from the comfort of your own home.

RHD store’s attention to detail and passion for what they do is what sets them apart from the rest. And why settle for anything less than the perfect pair of undeniably cool Japanese jeans. We won’t be.

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