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August 10, 2023

The best places in Adelaide to thrift

They’re the easiest way to get involved in the circular economy, so we’re here to tell you where you can find the coolest items to add to your wardrobe or home.

best thrift stores in Adelaide
  • Words & Photos: Lauren Mills



 24A Charles Street, Adelaide – just off Rundle Mall!

best thrift stores in Adelaide

 This thrift community provides a curated (wow) range of pre-loved clothing, shoes and accessories as well as vinyls and music memorabilia.  Their carefully curated (again, wow!) items focus on the eras of the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s, providing a whole new spin on traditional thrift shopping. Their main goal is to help reduce the impact of the fashion industry on our environment by getting you involved too! They encourage donations and even offer a 30 per cent discount for those who donate six items or more. Be sure to check it out on your next shopping trip!


2/105 Gray Street, Adelaide

best thrift stores in Adelaide

We’ve talked about French Laundry before, but that’s just because we think it’s an awesome store with lots to offer. This store follows the rent-a-rack idea that seems to be trending across Adelaide at the moment. The basic idea is that you can rent a rack within their store and sell the clothes that you no longer want. The cool thing about French Laundry is that they have an app where renters can see their items being sold, and throughout the renting period, drop off additional pieces and make more money! So, whether you want to buy or sell, French Laundry is definitely something to check out!


206 Rundle Street, Adelaide

best thrift stores in Adelaide

Goodbyes stores have been popping up all over Australia since 2015, and at the start of this year, they opened a new store here in  Adelaide. Like all thrift stores, the purpose behind Goodbyes is to extend the lifespan of clothing, shoes and accessories in efforts to have a positive impact on the fashion industry. It’s easy to walk into this store and not even realise it’s a thrift store… we may have done that, whoops. That just proves the quality of the pieces are exceptional. Goodbyes will make you feel like you’re buying new, BUT it’s cheaper, and you’re making a difference to our environment.



 St Clair Recreation Centre, 109 Woodville Road, Woodville South

best thrift stores in Adelaide

 Though this thrift store is only open a few times a year, it’s something you don’t want to miss out on! It is Australia’s biggest pre-loved, vintage and small business clothing market and has everything from clothes, to jewellery, to vinyls, to shoes… you are sure to go home having spent up big! Two of the three events have already happened but don’t miss out on the last one of the year! Happening on 12 November, 10am to 3pm, it’s time to add it to your calendar and get your entry ticket here, from $5.


 Shop 4, 252 Churchill Road, Kilburn

Ahhh, Savers… a place we all know and love. Sticking to the basics of thrift shopping, Savers is a cheap place to get new clothes and an easy way to get rid of all ones. Out with the old, in with the new they say! Though there are many, and we mean, MANY shops where you can save spread across the state, our personal favourite is located in Kilburn, on Churchill Road just up from Costco. This is one of the largest thrift stores we have seen and it’s hard to leave without buying something… maybe a top, or a vase, or a suitcase? What we’re trying to say, is Savers has everything.


89 Prospect Road, Prospect

Another thrift store following the rent-a-rack idea, but with a twist! This thrift store is also a café. Entering the store, you are welcomed by a very cute and good smelling café selling delicious food and coffee… but make your way to the back, right corner and you will find a separate area filled with clothes. Anyone can rent a rack here and the seller is able to choose their own prices, so more often than not, you can snag a pretty good deal. Why not make a day of it and invite a friend out for a coffee catch-up, then go shopping straight after!


Westfield West Lakes, Level 1 (near Target)

This pop-up thrift store won’t be around forever, so head up to West Lakes to check it out! If you’re looking for amazing bargains (which we ALL are), Prelove is the best place to visit. Already located within a shopping centre, it’s as though thrifting and retail shopping are coming together, and we think that’s great. Prelove allows you to save money, reduce the impact on the environment, and feel good about shopping and buying quality items.

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